Stockholm Beauty Week 2017

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Stockholm Beauty Week avslutades med beautyvisning!

Så kul att Stockholm Beauty Week 2017 fullkomligt kokade över av alla spännande utställare med nyheter, trender, goodies, mingel, tutorials, behandlingar, lashes & lips, spraytanning, Madonnametoden och dinosariekrämen…det nya antiage…!

Den lyckade Stockholm Beauty Week 2017 avslutades med en beautyvisning i samarbete med Björn Axén.

Onsdagen den 26 april, 2017 inleddes med Johan Hellström som pratade hållbarhet, och presenterade nya organic serien. Hela dagen fanns Björn Axén mitt i Stockholm Beauty Weeks hjärta back stage. Sedan avslutades dagen med beauty visningen  kl 18.00. Hår Björn Axen Academy, makeup Idun, kläder Jennifer Blom. Se Cawa Media’s bilder här:



Brazil-Sweden Defense Trade galaevening

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A Gala Dinner and a series of 3 seminars: ”Brazil-Sweden Defense Trade”; ”Trade and Transparency – Finance and Guarantees” and ”Innovation & sounding businesses”, compose the program of this ceremony which pays tribute to the successful relationship between both these countries. See our pictures of the evening here:

Picture gallery of the Galadinner at Opera terrassen in Stockholm City:

Sweden-Brazil Defense Trade

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1st Meeting on Sweden-Brazil Defense Trade

A unique occasion to take part of some opportunities connected to the defense cooperation between Sweden and Brazil and its effects on other sectors. Discuss innovation; get a picture of the legal and financial support for international trade, both in Sweden and in Brazil; listen to the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES); EMBRAER; Vinnova; EKN; SEK; SOFF; the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development – ABDI;  Getulio Vargas Foundation;  the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP); among others.

A Gala Dinner and a series of 2 seminars: ”Brazil-Sweden Defense Trade”; ”Trade and Transparency – Finance and Guarantees” and ”Innovation & sounding businesses”, compose the program of this ceremony which pays tribute to the successful relationship between both these countries.

Partners Image 2_804

The Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Sweden (Brazilcham Sweden), in coordination with the Secretariat of Defense Products (SEPROD) at the Ministry of Defense of Brazil, has the honor to invite you to the ”1st Meeting on Sweden-Brazil Defense Trade – fostering sounding businesses”, which also marks the celebration of Brazilcham’s 10 years anniversary.

Seminar 1 (24 April, 2017):

Seminar 2 (25 April, 2017):


Eitvydas Bajarūnas about hybrid threats

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The former Ambassador of Lithuania to Sweden, Eitvydas Bajarūnas, came back to Stockholm and had an evening presentation on hybrid threats.

The modern world has many growing challenges in the economic, social and security spheres. And of course, the new challenges associated with hybrid threats. How is Lithuania ready to meet these challenges? Do they have sufficient resilience? And how to increase it?

We heard the latest from the former Ambassador of Lithuania to Sweden, Eitvydas Bajarūnas, who served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1994 and worked in Ministry of Defense and NATO. His former assignment was as head of the Foreign Ministry’s political unit, which ended in 2011 when he became an ambassador to Sweden. For over ten years, the Baltic countries fought to enter both the EU and NATO. On March 29, 2004, Lithuania became a member of NATO and a few months later, Lithuania became a member of the EU on 1 May 2004. Today also, one of Lithuania’s biggest challenge is linked to the country’s energy supply. The goal is to be independent in that they do not have to rely on Russia to get energy. But the government of Lithuania is to take action to halt the construction of the Astravyets nuclear power plant in Belarus, 55 km away from Vilnius. The parliament has insisted on the government officially informing Belarus that power produced in Astravyets will not be permitted to enter the Lithuanian power grid and will not be sold in Lithuania. The construction of the Astravyets nuclear power plant, initiated in 2001, has reached an advanced stage. Russia is expected to supply it with an innovative VVER 1200 type reactor made in Russia, with a capacity of 1.2 GW, which will be cooled with water from the Neris, the river which flows through Vilnius. Production is planned to be launched in 2018, and the second reactor is planned to be put into operation by 2020.

Talking about hybrid threats. So far Britain, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and the United States have signed up to the Finnish initiative, a new center on hybrid warfare center in Helsinki.. So have the European Union and NATO. (Except Estonia who has not yet sign up to the Finnish initiative). The hybrid threats are a European and a transatlantic priority. This is true, but could be news to most people.

Western efforts against hybrid warfare have so far been low-key to the point of invisibility. In most countries, efforts against Russian hybrid warfare are run by the intelligence and security agencies. Resilience by technicians and politicians is the answer of Lithuania today. Secrecy at this stage is not necessarily a bad thing: Russia’s espionage agencies are an essential part of the Kremlin’s hybrid-war offensive against the West. Russia has for years enjoyed the advantages of stealth and anonymity. Not any more: technicians can start tracking their efforts, infiltrating their networks, and running deception operations to confuse and distract them.

The best way to defeat hybrid attacks is by developing a strong, resilient security system which pervades the whole of society. Russian influence can crop up in the media, in finance, in government, in academia, in fact, almost anywhere. Nobody want university administrators, businessmen, newspaper editors or politicians taking instructions from fake news. At most spies can give tips and warnings—but the resulting decisions must be taken autonomously and also eventually prevail any hybrid threats.

The Lithuanian embassy served light snacks and coffee and then continued our discussion at the new restaurant “AT SIX” in Stockholm together with the Lithuanian diplomat Mr.Eitvydas Bajarunas.

”Putin’s Russia” by Eitvydas Bajarunas

Engelens vårpremiär 2017

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Äntligen vårpremiär för Engelens uteservering 2017.
Välkommen till årets största vårtecken …
Kvällen bjöd på en vårbuffé som komponerades av
Engelens köksmästare – och med drycker av alla de slag.
Onsdagen den 19 april kl. 18.00 öppnades portarna på
Kornhamnstorg 59B i Gamla stan.


Kvällens arrangemang av Johan Carlen. Se Cawa Media’s bilder här:

Calle & The Home Chef

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Festkväll på Skroten – Calle Sjöstrand & Crister Svantesson presenterade sitt nya koncept ”the Home chef” och bjöd på passande mat och dryck.

Man kan nu hyra sin Mästerkock för att laga en middag hemma med dina vänner.

Boka på ”The Home Chef”

Calle Sjöstrand
Calle är en duktig och kreativ kock och matinspiratör som brinner för att skapa Gastronomiska upplevelser för dig, dina vänner och familj. Calle anordnar allt från fantastiska bufféer till hög-gastronomiska tillställningar.


”Min nya samarbetspartner på callethehomechef- Crister Svantesson!”  Se bilder ifrån eventkvällen här:

Veni Vidi Vici – Viaplays premiärvisning

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Veni Vidi Vici är den tredje originalserien från Viaplay. En dramaserie i tio delar om en mans kamp för upprättelse.

Karsten Daugaard (Thomas Bo Larsen) är en dansk filmregissör som befinner sig på ett sluttande plan i livet. Hans filmer får dålig kritik och på hemmaplan blir han försörjd av hustrun Jonna (Livia Millhagen). Trängd av verklighetens villkor tvingas Karsten att lämna filmbranschen och tackar motvilligt ja till ett ”riktigt jobb” på sin svärfar Åkes (Michael Segerström) ekologiska grisfarm, där han går som lärling under slaktaren Wille (Sven Melander). Räddningen blir vännen och tillika producenten Vincent (Rafael Edholm) som erbjuder Karsten en väg tillbaka till filmbranschen genom ett välbetalt filmjobb. Till Karstens bestörtning visar det sig vara ett jobb som porrfilmsregissör och han kommer att jobba väldigt nära den erfarne porrfilmsregissören Georgina (Michael Wincott).

Veni Vidi Vici produceras av HandsUp Stockholm och har premiär skärtorsdagen den 13 april, exklusivt på Viaplay över hela Norden. 

Premiärvisning av de två första avsnitten på Biograf Skandia den 5 April, 2017 i arrangemang av Petré Event & PR. Se bilderna här:

Moby & St.Peterline cruise presentation

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On April 2, 2017 MOBY SPL will start a new cruise season. We invite you on exciting journey from Helsinki, Tallinn or Stockholm to beautiful St. Petersburg. Hurry and book your vacation today!


The ferry Princess Anastasia will be a paradise for gourmets, aesthetes and shopaholics. Every day on board the ferry will be different for you: hundreds of smiles, unforgettable show programs, cheerful parties, popular DJ:s and many likes on photos from cruise in your social networks.

ST. PETER LINE ferry company and the largest Italian ferry operator Moby Lines has signed a merger agreement in November 2016. As a result of synergy of two brands there will appear a new cruise product, which will contains the rich experience of Italian culture and saving the best traditions of Russian hospitality.

According to the new concept, passengers will be able to feel charm and amazing nature discover the infinite beauty of Italy. Traditional Mediterranean cuisine will provide real explosion of new emotions and impressions.

In addition to change the general cruise concept, it will be absolutely new schedule. After departure from St. Petersburg (every Sunday), the ferry will arrive to Helsinki on Monday only for 1.5 hours and the same day it will depart to Tallinn. Therefore, in fact the second city of entry for Russians will be Tallinn. And on the second day the ferry will arrive to Stockholm and then to Helsinki. Since Thursday to Friday the ferry will stay in St. Petersburg as a hotel for foreign passengers, who arrive to the Northern Capital of Russia for 72 visa free hours. Since Friday to Sunday the ferry will be following the route: St. Petersburg – Helsinki – St. Petersburg.

The new cruise product will be launched in April 2017. During 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and coming 2018 FIFA World Cup, fans from all over the world, which will stay in St. Petersburg could enjoy the high level of service of new cruises on the Baltic sea.

The 4 days cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki and St.Petersburg:


Today April 4th, 2017 was the presentation on the new renovated cruise ship Anastasia, we welcome you on a wonderful cruise trip from Stockholm to St.Petersburg. See our pictures from the press event here:



Den enda vägen – galapremiär

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Svensk titel: Den enda vägen
Regi: Manuel Concha
Producent: Börje Hansson, Carola Hansson, Claudia Galli Concha
Manus: Manuel Concha, Claudia Galli Concha
Foto: Manuel Concha
Medverkande: Daniel Cvetkovic, Mikael Cvetkovic, Miodrag Stojanovic
Filmtyp: Långfilm
Längd: 86 minuter
Produktionsland: Sverige
Produktionsbolag: Bright Moving Pictures Sweden AB
Svensk distributör: The Bakery Entertainment
Sverigepremiär: 2017-04-07

Bröderna Michel och Alex blir beskjutna på öppen gata. Alex blir svårt skadad och man misstänker att de är inblandade i en kriminell uppgörelse. Brödernas kamp för att överleva för dem allt längre ner i mörkret.

Galapremiär på Biograf Rigoletto i Stockholm den 3 April 2017, i arrangemang av Wonderland Event.

Stella’s dop

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Stella’s dop

Lördagen den 1:a april 2017, kl. 11.30 på Hedvig Eleonora Kyrka (adress: Storgatan 2) med följande mottagning på Hotell Diplomat (adress: Strandvägen 7C).

Dress code
Herr: kavaj
Dam: hatt (frivilligt)

Nhi Cung & Olof Lindberg