Änglavakt galapremiär

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Following up on the box-office and critically acclaimed hit Suddenly aka ( Underbara Älskade) Johan Brisinger is now completing a new film Among Us aka (Änglavakt)– an emotionally gripping story about faith, hope and love. Ernst (Michael Nyqvist) and Cecilia (Izabella Scorupco) are living a happy and well-ordered family life. Then one day something unexpected happens that turns their lives upside down. Just when things are at their bleakest, they meet a stranger, Walter (Tchéky Karyo), who changes their lives in a fantastic way. In the lead roles we see Michael Nyqvist, Izabella Scorupco, and french megastar Tchéky Karyo. (The Patriot, Nikita, The Good Thief) as well as Ewa Fröling, Saga Gärde and Jacob Ericksson. The film is written and directed by Johan Brisinger, and produced by Mikael Flodell/Drama Svecia in collaboration with Peter Possne/Sonet Film. Among us was shot in Stockholm and on the island of Gotland in the spring 2009. Worldpremiere on the 15 of March 2010 in Stockholm, with a galaopening in Rigoletto theatre, and a galadinner at the Grand Hotel. Magnificently arranged by Zap Events & PR, with all the stars from the film present.



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