Camilla Norrback

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The Swedish fashion brand Camilla Norrback was founded in 1999 and has over the last years developed into a well-known brand in Sweden and internationally. In 2010 a men’s line – norrback –  was launched with the same core values as Camilla Norrback.

The company’s philosophy is shaped by the designer’s passion for people, environment and politics. Inspiration for the collections comes from film, art, music and social currents. camilla norrback’s design is always sensual, feminine and sophisticated with nostalgic elements. Good ethics, quality and genuine handcraft is the bases of Camilla Norrback’s timeless design.

Since 2002 Camilla Norrback has been committed to creating ecologically sustainable garments, whilst striving to maintain artistic freedom as a designer. In 2005, as a commitment to never compromise neither the quality of design nor the quality of fabrics in her garments, she coined the phrase EcoluxuryTM. This collection Autumn / Winter 2011 was presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm Jan 31 to Feb 2, 2011

– The wearer can feel both beautiful and proud. This is the modern luxury – Ecoluxury!



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