Celebration of Brazilian and Swedish Women Ambassadors

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The Grand Celebration of Brazilian and Swedish Women Ambassadors – Wednesday, March 13th, 2013.

To both acknowledge women’s accomplishments and empower future female leadership, the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and The Grand Open, invited to an exclusive evening at The Royal Armoury, in the Royal Palace.

Brazilcham’s traditional celebration of the International Women’s day has grown stronger by every edition. In 2013, among the high-profile speakers and directly from Brazil, is the acclaimed singer Daniela Mercury. With over 20 million albums sold worldwide, she is the Brazilian female performer with most number one hits in Brazilian Chart History.

She is also the founder and President of The Sun of Freedom Institute, that runs educational and development programs for children who live in economically challenged regions.
In addition to the inspiring discussions, Brazilcham will also pre-launch the first meeting of female leaders from Brazil and Sweden which is planned to take place in the first half of 2013 in Brazil.
The evening started with a welcome drink and mingle. The evening continued with food, drinks and entertainment, at the sumptuous atmosphere surrounding the Royal Palace.

Moderator: Anna Omsted Lindgren, founder Tasteline and MedUniverse.

Guests in alphabetic order: Anna Bråkenhielm – CEO of the Scandinavian Studios and Founder of the Magazine for Executive Women Passion for Business; Daniela Mercury – Singer and President of The Sun of Freedom Institute; Kinna Bellander – Former Vice-CEO for MTG and Tv4. Currently, Member of the Board for Kanal Global; Magdalena Andersson – Financial Political Spokesperson, Social Democrats; Marie Ledin – Member of the Polar Music Prize Board and Managing Director of the Polar Music Prize.

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