Brazilcham & Sweden Christmas Party 2013

Opening by H.E. Mrs. Leda Lúcia Martins Camargo, Brazilian Ambassador to Sweden. 

1964: 50 years later…

The Brazilian military dictatorship, which ruled Brazil from March 31, 1964 to March 15, 1985, began with the 1964 coup d’état led by the Armed Forces against the democratically elected government of President João Goulart and ended when José Sarney took office as President. 

In 2014, Brazilcham Sweden will be organizing events and discussion about the changes in Brazil over the past 50 years.

On the company of Harald Edelstam, remembering the true spirit of Christmas. 

To pre-launch this serie of dialogues, we invited Ms. Caroline Edelstam, to relate some fragments of the touching history of her grandfather, the Swedish Ambassador Harald Edelstam, who was serving in Santiago de Chile at the time of the military coup on the 11th September 1973. Edelstam’s actions saved the lives of more than 1,300 people in Chile, including some of those who had fled to Chile from military dictatorships in Uruguay and Brazil; among them the Brazilian political leader, José Serra. 

Ms. Edelstam is co-founder and Vice-President of The Harald Edelstam Foundation and Chair of the Jury for the Prize Harald Edelstam, an award for outstanding contributions and exceptional courage in standing up for one’s beliefs in the defence of Human Rights.  During the evening Elisa Sohlman, Brazilcham’s Executive Director, will give a retrospective of the year and will announce some topics of the agenda for 2014.

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