Miss India Scandinavia 2014

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Welcome to Miss India Sweden competition in Stockholm , Sweden at the Berwaldhallen the 1 of March 2014.

It was time to bring about a life changing experience in the lives of young Indian women in Sweden and lead them to reach their ultimate potential. This platform encourages a healthy competition between beautiful, young, single, ambitious and modern Indian girls residing in Sweden.  This opportunity is an enriching experience for the contestants, giving them a chance to embrace each other in a journey filled with music, dance and friendship….
This pageant also allows the participants to preserve and strengthen their culture in their own special way.
brought to you by Miss India Worldwide, the only International pageant with affiliation in over 40 countries. The IFC, New York, has been organizing the pageant since 1990 and is a common platform for Indians all over the world.
Miss India Worldwide has been welcomed and staged in several locations such as Florida, San Jose, Durban, Mumbai, Singapore, New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Dubai, Suriname & Kuala Lumpur.  Now, Indian girls in Sweden have this wonderful opportunity to be part of a prestigious worldwide pageant by the IFC, New York.
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One thought on “Miss India Scandinavia 2014

    Judge said:
    mars 2, 2014 kl. 7:52 e m

    I sat as judges (1 of 7)
    I saw that miss Norway gave Sappi 10 + 10 points for the interview (final round) and Elli avram Bollywoodstjärnan, Sappi is the same. She left miss India Worldwide giving Sappi 18 points and I’m 20. The girl who won the (No. 3) only got a total of 4poäng of Elli and 4 of miss Norway and 4 out of me and 6 of miss india.
    So even regardless of them other two judges decision, Sappi already won. For our 4 judges ‘ total score for Sappi became in the final 78poäng while no. 3 got a total of (her response was so poorly thought out all) received a total of 18poäng.
    Although the rvå remaining judges gave no Max score so she could not win for 18 + 40 = 58poäng far from sappis 78poäng.
    I asked the first kind Preeti ‘ (the owner) after our judgment decisions when she says shut up. Then I ask her daughter who had apparently been counted up our points about our decision making paper, Oh no she had thrown them. I say she can download them from the Recycle Bin when she says she doesn’t have time.
    Such decisions throw it well not? Hehe, this was the worst/most inexpensive beauty contest I experienced.
    Sappi it was you who won with 100% certainty.

    Preeti ‘ has lost its reputation so she can forget that she gets a
    Single sponsor or even participants next year.



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