Peace One Day Celebration 2014

Peace One Day – Café Opera in Stockholm with the Concert on screen headlined by 5-time Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Akon

Peace One Day will make history in 2014 by taking over Goma International Airport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by holding a major concert headlined by five-time Grammy Award-nominated recording artist Akon. In an historic first, the airport will host this major event expected to unite more than 50,000 people to celebrate the hope for peace on Peace Day, 21 September.

Hosted by Subito PR at Café Opera in Stockholm, Sweden.

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It started with a crazy idea

Peace One Day’s objective is to institutionalise Peace Day 21 September. Throughout the years, millions of people have been active on Peace Day in every country of the world, and hundreds of organisations have carried out life-saving activities in areas of conflict. Peace One Day’s Campaigns and activities in Education, Music, Film, Sport, Dance, Art and Online have proved that the day works.



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