International Philanthropic Society of Stockholm, IPS & Italian Embassy charity evening

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Tonights exclusive invitation to the Italian Embassy in Stockholm was provided by H.E. Mrs Elena Basile, Ambassador of Italy in Sweden (hosted at the residence). Thanks to the ALL the sponsors helping to create the Caritas Italiana charity evening, and thanks to the organizer who was the International Philanthropic Society of Stockholm, IPS, founded by Kanthi Beck.

Caritas Italiana (Caritas Italy) was founded in 1971, answering the call of Paul VI to promote charity with a commitment to raising public awareness.

Caritas Italiana is a pastoral organisation of the Italian Bishop’s Conference. It connects 220 diocesan Caritas, committed in their daily activities to support the most vulnerable people. Caritas Italiana is engaged in many areas including: peace, old and new forms of poverty, volunteering, civil service, immigration, mental health and homelessness.

Caritas Italiana works as part of the Church to raise awareness on issues around charity, care for those in need and promote the importance of concrete actions for the poor.

Caritas Italiana coordinates various initiatives and charitable actions, inspired by Christian values and Church teaching. It also organises and coordinated emergency responses in disasters in Italy and abroad.

Caritas Italiana carries out research on the causes of poverty and prepares analysis of those in need, so that can encourage civil institutions to take the appropriate actions through legislation.

See the distinguished guest of honour who was invited for the evening here:

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