Kazakstan reception at the Embassy

The Ambassador of Kazakhstan Mr.Dastan Yeleukenov in Sweden and Denmark were happy to invite us to a reception, networking event at the Embassy 1st of July 2015. The Ambassador and his staff would like to take the opportunity to whish everyone a good, happy summer. It was also a very good opportunity for everyone to network and mingle with the staff and felllow business collegues whom share a common intereset in Kazakhstan.

  1. Kazakstan Land i Asien
  2. Kazakstan, formellt Republiken Kazakstan, är ett land i Centralasien med en liten del i östra Europa. Det gränsar till Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan och Kirgizistan i syd, Kina i öst och Ryssland i norr.Wikipedia
  3. Valuta: Tenge

See the pictures from the get-togehter at the Embassy at Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm.

DSC_0001 - kopia DSC_0003 - kopia DSC_0008 - kopia DSC_0009 - kopia DSC_0013 - kopia DSC_0015 - kopia DSC_0016 - kopia DSC_0019 - kopia DSC_0022 - kopia DSC_0024 - kopia DSC_0028 - kopia DSC_0031 - kopia DSC_0033 - kopia DSC_0034 - kopia DSC_0036 - kopia DSC_0037 - kopia DSC_0038 - kopia DSC_0039 - kopia DSC_0040 - kopia DSC_0041 - kopia DSC_0043 - kopia DSC_0044 - kopia DSC_0045 - kopia DSC_0046 - kopia DSC_0049 - kopia DSC_0055 - kopia DSC_0056 - kopia DSC_0057 - kopia DSC_0058 - kopia DSC_0065 - kopia DSC_0068 - kopia DSC_0071 - kopia DSC_0074 - kopia DSC_0076 - kopia DSC_0077 - kopia DSC_0080 - kopia DSC_0086 - kopia DSC_0088 - kopia


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