Serbian Prolom och Lukovska SPA presentation & Jakthornet Stockholm

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Spas and health resorts 
In Serbia there are over 1,000 cold and warm mineral water springs, and a great wealth of natural mineral gases and medicinal mud. In over 53 thermal resorts, the benefits of which even the ancient Romans enjoyed, spa therapies have been adapted to treat a wide range of health ailments and diseases and involve drinking medicinal water or taking medicinal baths.

Besides the rich medicinal water spas, Serbia is proud, too, of its “climatic spas”, which have been designated health resorts thanks to their favourable climates and geographic locations.

Serbia’s spas have developed into oases of greenery and tranquillity. They are mainly located in gentle valleys or on the slopes of hills and are surrounded by forests, grassland and orchards. The natural landscape of the spas is complemented by cultivated surroundings, parks and walking paths. Modern accommodation, sports fields and swimming pools round off the basic health facilities available in the spas.

Today, the spas are increasingly returning to what they once were – places for rest, enjoyment and recreation. Modern recreation complexes with facilities for various sports, which also house massage salons and fitness centres, are being built in the spas. Wellness programmes have become very popular in Serbian spas over the last few years. The programmes entail spa therapies which are ideal for preventing illness, restoring physical and spiritual vitality and great form and appearance, renewing skin elasticity and firming neglected muscles.

The spas are also fully equipped for hosting congresses and seminars, as well as physical trainingsessions for sports teams. The surrounding areas of the spas contain numerous cultural, historical andnatural attractions, and a wide variety of traditional and modern art events are held regularly throughout the year.

INFO Serbian Spas and Resorts Association

Poštanski fah 51, 36210 Vrnjačka Banja
tel: +381 (0)36 611-110, fax. 611-109   Serbian SPA
Wonderful evening of presentation at Jakthornet restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden on the 30th of October 2015. SPA intro, with Serbian food & Wine all night long. 
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