National Day of Kazakhstan celebration

Presentation of Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council and to Celebrate the National Day of Kazakhstan

Our Invitation was to attend the inauguration of the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council and to join in the celebration the Kazakhstan National Day, December 4th, 2015 at Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm

Presenting a new platform for cooperation to promote bilateral trade and economic exchange – Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council

Swedish investors, companies and entrepreneurs who want to further strengthen their market presence in Kazakhstan or are interested in exploring the business potential in this exciting emerging market.

During the event, the newly formed Business Council will be presented and experts will give their view on the potentials for Swedish products and services in the Kazakhstan marketplace.

Welcome and Introduction – Ambassador Dastan Yeleukenov

Presentation of the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council – Mr. Jan Lundin, General Director, Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council – Mr.Leif Zetterberg, The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Övergrans Jordbruk i Bålsta – Mr.Joakim Dahl, The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Provobis Holding AB i Göteborg


Open doors to National Day Celebrations

Sheraton Hotel, Stockholm, DROTTNINGHOLM ROOM


The Kazakhstan government recently launched a new economic policy for the coming years that highlights a number of areas where significant investments will be made. The new policy will serve as a key instrument to push Kazakhstan to continue modernization and to assist with the overall objective of becoming one of the 30 most developed countries by 2050.

For Swedish companies, this new economic policy is a welcome initiative.It means many new investments that will continuously transform and develop the Kazakhstan economy within areas where Sweden can offer cooperation in terms of services, products and technology. Among other areas, the development of public infrastructure, energy efficiency, green technologies, industrial and social infrastructure and the focus on small- and medium-sized business.

In an effort to promote and support bilateral trade between Sweden and Kazakhstan, the Embassy of Kazakhstan has taken this initiative to form the Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council.


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