Eurovision Song contest -Official Opening Party

Navid Kabiri & CLEAN GROUP presents The EUROVISION Song contest – Official opening party on the 11th of May 2016! 

Europe, Stockholm is ready for all of you. Eurovision 2016 is on, in the beautiful city of Stockholm, and it’s turning into an Eurovision heaven.

During Eurovision 2016 there will be held 5 BIG after-parties in the heart of Stockholm at a venue called Operaerrassen.

Operaterrassen has beside 5 big dance floors an outdoor lounge that can manage around 1000 guests, 10 bars and the venue can take around 4500 guests. Operaterrassen is 3 minutes walk to Euro Club and 1 minute from the Euro Village.

Among tonights guests: (Сергей Лазарев) Sergey Lazarev who will represent Russia in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. He is famous for being a singer, actor, and TV presenter. Starting his music career at an early age and becoming more and more popular, he was followed by the whole country during whilst growing-up as an artist. In 2015 he won all possible Russian music awards. The music of You Are The Only One, his song for Stockholm, was composed by true Eurovision legends, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philip Kirkorov.

Minus One The band Minus One was chosen internally by the Cypriot broadcaster CyBC to represent the island in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Alter Ego. The group members are Francois Micheletto, Constantinos Amerikanos, Harrys Pari, Antonis Loizides and Chris J.

Opening night arranged by Erwik Communication on the 11th of May, 2016.






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