Indian flower Holi 2017

The Hindu festival of Holi is an annual holiday that marks the start of spring and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Also called the Festival of Colors, the celebration dates back to the 7th century Sanskrit drama, Ratnaval. ICCS (Indian Culture Center) wishes everyone a very happy Holi 2017! Lets celebrate the Power of Love and the victory of Good Over Evil, at the Indian Culture Center in Stockholm 2017.


Indian Culture Center in Stockholm (ICCS)

is the representation and initiative of Indian expatriate community functioning for the purpose of advancement of social and cultural activities of the Indian community in The Nordics / Scandinavia.

ICCS is also the platform to serve the interest of thousands of Indians residing in The Nordic countries, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden . The proclaimed objective of ICCS includes promoting the rich Indian culture among Nordic nationals and expatriates of all other nationalities living in The Nordics. Further, ICCS is committed to function as a body of Indian people to strengthen the deep-rooted Indo-Nordic friendship and cultural relationship.

The vision of Indian Culture Center, with base in Stockholm – Sweden, is to aggregate available resources and energies to establish a single platform for social-political-cultural exchanges between Indian and the countries of Scandinavia.

Considering the strong interest among the people of this region for the very vibrant and diverse Indian culture; there is a need to promote Indian culture through a platform which will give insights to hundreds of century old Indian civilization and attract more eyes to the development of India. The Indian Culture Center in Sweden will organize a wide range of cultural events at its premises, showcasing Indian music, dance, films and theater, including events showcasing variety of festivals of India.

We firmly believe that the proposed culture center will serve as window into the composite culture of India to Scandinavian countries which include Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.






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