ESU Reception at The Rolls Royce cars

The English-Speaking Union Sweden (ESU Sweden) hosted a Reception at the Rolls Royce Motor Cars in Stockholm on May 17th, 2017.

The English-Speaking Union (ESU) is an international educational charity and membership organisation that believes in the power of spoken communication.

The vision for the ESU is that in a world where English is a global language, the ESU Sweden help to deliver our educational programmes, public speaking competitions, and encourages  international understanding and cultural exchange through the use of the English Language.

We believe that good communication is essential to individual, community and cross-cultural development and understanding, and endeavour to ensure it is recognised as such.

As well as supporting the important work we do, membership entitles you to a number of exclusive benefits. It allows you to enjoy our social, educational and cultural programmes, to come to ESU events in the UK and around the world, to meet other like minded individuals including the inspiring young participants of our programmes and to enjoy the facilities of Dartmouth House in London.

At the Reception we had a pleasure to present the paintings by the Stockholm based artist, Anna Edman. Opera singer Jacques Radinson made an outstanding performance at the evening.

Bodvár of Sweden – House of Rosés
Babor Sweden
Dalmore Scotch Whiskey
El Septimo Cigars
Photo: Sabine Holck for Cawa Media



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