The Kröller-Müller Museum

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The Kröller-Müller Museum boasts the second-largest Van Gogh collection in the world: almost 90 paintings and over 180 drawings. The Van Gogh Gallery displays varying selections of about 40 works by Vincent van Gogh. Furthermore, you will also find masterpieces by modern masters such as Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondriaan.

One of Europe’s largest sculpture gardens

In the sculpture garden, one of the largest in Europe, you can enjoy both sculptures and nature. Distributed throughout the garden are over 160 sculptures by iconic artists, from Aristide Maillol to Jean Dubuffet, from Marta Pan to Pierre Huyghe.

Located in Holland. Bus 108 from the railway stations of Apeldoorn and Ede-Wageningen. From Arnhem railway station with bus 105 (direction Barneveld). For both routes, you need to change in Otterlo to bus 106 for the museum.

Adress: Houtkampweg 6
6731 AW Otterlo
T +31 (0)318 591 241


VAN GOGH GALLERY – The story of his life and work

The Kröller-Müller Museum is Vincent van Gogh’s second home. With almost 90 paintings and over 180 drawings, the museum has the second-largest Van Gogh collection in the world. The Van Gogh Gallery is a gallery in honour of Vincent. The gallery displays varying selections of about 40 of his paintings, which tell the story of his life and work, from his novice years in the Belgian Borinage to his untimely death in the French village of Auvers.


Exhibition between 20 May 2017 – 17 Sep 2017

Anyone who has visited the sculpture garden of the museum is familiar with Jean Arp from his Cloud shepherd (1953). This iconic sculpture has been stealing the show ever since the garden opened in 1961. Now, for the first time since Jean Arp’s death in 1966, there is a major retrospective of his work. A unique opportunity for lovers of art, nature and poetry.

Jack of all trades

Jean (Hans) Arp (1886-1966) is one of the most innovative and influential artists of the European avant-garde. He began his career as a poet and later worked as a painter, sculptor and graphic artist. The exhibition reveals the interaction between visual art and poetry and the humour and playfulness in his work.

Over eighty works

Arp: The Poetry of Forms showcases the full gamut of Arp’s work: sculptures, reliefs and works on paper, poetry, writings and publications. The exhibition comprises some eighty works from the three Arp foundations in Berlin, Paris and Locarno and from museums including Kunstmuseum Basel, Tate London and Centre Pompidou in Paris.

ARP Video




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