Villa Mondriaan


Piet Mondriaan, nowadays a worldwide renowned and admired artist, spent his youth (1880 to 1892) in his parental home on Zonnebrink 4 in Winterswijk. His father had acquired a position as the Director of the School of Christian National Instruction and lived with his family in the villa directly next to the school building. Piet’s father and uncle Frits Mondriaan taught Piet basic knowledge on drawing and painting.

Mondrian to dutch design: 100 years the style

Exactly 100 years ago the art magazine and movement De Stijl was founded in The Netherlands. To celebrate this jubilee the Dutch Office for Tourism and Conferences organises ‘From Mondrian to Dutch Design’ in close collaboration with museums all over The Netherlands. Tourists and art lovers from The Netherlands and abroad are invited to get acquainted with all kinds of themes connected to De Stijl in a special tour through the country. For more information about these celebrations please go to this website.

Villa Mondriaan is proud to be one of the partners in the celebrations and will be devoted to De Stijl. Our permanent collection shows the early realistic and figurative oeuvre of Piet Mondriaan. Besides the special exhibition Figuration in Style will be launched during the annual event in honour of Piet Mondriaan’s birthday in early March. In the beginning of the twentieth century the art movement De Stijl caused a lot of commotion by enthusiastically championing abstraction. In order to reach universal harmony artist such as Piet Mondriaan, Theo van Doesburg, Vilmos Huszár and Bart van der Leck had a strong preference for geometric forms and primary colours. It is little known that these founders of De Stijl started their careers by painting realistic landscapes and portraits. Amongst others both Mondrian and Van der Leck kept painting realistic pieces besides their abstract work until their death. Our exhibition Figuration in Stijl turns the spotlight on the area of tension between realistic and abstract art forms which will be explored further in our museum.  Both the early and late figurative oeuvre of the pioneers of abstraction will be the centrepiece of our exhibition.

Especially for 100 years of De Stijl our Pavilion for Contemporary Art will be devoted to Dutch Design and young artists who have been inspired by Mondrian and his contemporaries. We will shed light on different aspects of Dutch Design by offering innovative designers the opportunity to exhibit their work in Villa Mondriaan. Dutch Design in Villa Mondriaan is made possible by Arco, an innovative furniture factory from Winterswijk with a long history. Arco, designs, develops and produces design tables and other furniture in their own smart way.


Villa Mondriaan



Strandlodge restaurant

In a very special idyllic location we will let you enjoy again! ‘Think global, eat local’! For years, Mike Vrijdag van Sterren motto has been mottled by Strandrestaurant Strandlodge. As a fan of the ‘farm-to-table’ idea, Mike would prefer to cook with home-based products.

After the successful edition of last year, Ferdinand and Anja Eeuwes of ‘De Groene Schuur’ have invited him again as guest chef for the 5th edition of Sterren Koken in Kas.
A live cooking six course walking lunch for € 59.50 p.p.
(Including wine arrangement, water and sealing coffee service)


Be quick because there is limited space in this crazy setting! See our pictures here:



Aparthotel Havezate Marveld is named after the noble mansion of the fifteenth century, which once stood on this spot. A modern hotel with a clear reference to the history. Entirely appropriate in the context of Vestingstad Groenlo. Havezate Marveld comprises 36 luxury apartments, a romantic tower room, a breakfast room, a meeting room and a luxury Wellness.

Aparthotel Havezate Marveld
Elshofweg 6, 7141 DH Groenlo The Netherlands | T: +31544466000 | E:

Aparthotel Havezate Marveld



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