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A village of Vinča, at the foot of Oplenac..1 hour and 30 south from

Belgrade …where Aleksandrović Winery is situated, was always known for

viticulture and winemaking. Wonderful sunny slopes, a rich structure of the soil,

favorable winds and mild climate represent a natural gift which is translated to the

top quality wines from Aleksandrović Winery. 

Welcome to Wine tourism.

In addition to wine production the winery are also engaged with the wine tourism.

More than 15,000 people visit our winery annually, which clearly shows the very

high level of services we offer. Our guests arrived both individually or as a part of

the organized group visits.

It is possible to visit the vineyards and winery together with a qualified guide and

also to taste all the wines. Apart from the well-known brands such as Trijumf,

Trijumf Barrique, Oplenac Selection, Harizma and Varijanta, wine lovers also may

taste Trijumf Noir, Vizija and Rodoslov wines.

The tasting room has a capacity to accommodate 60 people at any time., and is very nice

and inviting. It is well worth a trip from Belgrade, and also possible to provide room for

conferences, lectures or business meetings in the specially designed

premises within the winery consisting of a 60-seat conference room with video beam

and flip chart table.


Family Aleksandrović has been involved in viticulture and winemaking for more than 100 years. Our great grandfather Miloš Aleksandrović was one of the founders of Vinča Winegrowers Cooperative in 1903.

Until the beginning of World War Two the family had 30,000 vines and it always maintained the close cooperation of the viticulturists and winemakers of the royal cellars. The tradition had been continued by our grandfathers Života and Aleksandar Aleksandrović.

When in 1991, a famous royal cellar master Živan Tadić, who emigrated to Canada after the World War Two, learned that the family Aleksandrovic reinvigorates winemaking traditions of the Oplenac region, he send to Vinča the original recipe of ‘Trijumf’ – the best wine of the royal cellars, that was enjoyed before the World War Two on many royal courts of Europe. Based on the old yellow manuscript we were creating new pages of the long family history of viticulture and winemaking, strongly relying on the experience of our ancestors, scientific results and latest technological advances.

A new phase in the development of Aleksandrović Winery started in 2000 after the political changes in Serbia, when we completed a new winery and acquired the state-of-the-art equipment for production of top quality wines.

The family Aleksandrović with its wines is the leading Serbian private winery at present.

Currently available in the USA, Holland, Denmark, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Russia, China, Japan, and Australia.



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