Absolut Rainbow at Pride Stockholm 2017

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Taking Pride in Diversity

Through the years, Absolut have done all kinds of proud activities, including the first spirits bottle ever to wear the rainbow flag, which was made in collaboration with Gilbert Baker, the designer behind the original flag. To us, the rainbow flag represents the diverse voices of the LGBTQ community coming together, celebrating difference in unity. Now, when the rainbow flag is about to turn 40, the time has come to give the rainbow a permanent place in our portfolio. This time with brush strokes, screen-printed on the glass, creating a strong connection to the creative artists that have been inspired by the Absolut bottle in the past. Absolut Rainbow Edition is limited in volume, but not in time. Consume what’s on the inside moderately, but please be anything but moderate when spreading the message on the outside! Taking pride in diversity, is what the world needs, now more than ever.


Wednesday 2 August you where welcome to the big one
The Swedish launch of ABSOLUT RAINBOW at Berns Salonger.

During the evening we will be kept entertained by the disco queens
Velvet & Therese who will perform her new super-hit ”Do not stop”

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One thought on “Absolut Rainbow at Pride Stockholm 2017

    Absolut Rainbow said:
    augusti 3, 2017 kl. 10:14 e m

    […] Det här fotot är lånat från Erwik Communications album som finns uppe på facebook..Haha.. Det bara skiner om mig! 😉 Märkligt det där.. Att en annan människa kan påverka mig så mycket!Och den här bilden är faktiskt också lånad.. 🙂 Fast från superduktiga Cawa Medias fotoalbum! […]



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