Kopaonik – MK Mountain resort

Welcome to the Grand Hotel & Spa MK Mountain Resort in Kopaonik – Serbia


The Grand Hotel MK Mountain Resort is in the middle of the tourist center and the National Park Kopaonik, located in beautiful surroundings, that offer many facilities for a perfect holiday in the mountain!

The MK Mountain Resort is open for its guests throughout the year, trying to make their stay challenging, both during winter and summer season, combining the hotel’s facilities and opportunities that the natural environment provides for an active family vacation, organization of events, conventions and conferences, team-building and sports events.

Basketball, Bowling, Squash, Tabletennis, Swimming, Skiing, Paragliding, Rafting, Mountaineering, Canyoning.

The MK Mountain Resort was founded in 2008, under the holding company MK Group, one of the most successful business systems in Serbia, which consists of more than 35 related companies in the country and abroad.

How to get to Kopaonik?

The Tourist Center Kopaonik is very well connected to all major cities in Serbia and the region.

 By plane

The international airport ”Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade is about 290 km from the tourist center Kopaonik. Transfer by passenger car takes about 3 hours.

A large number of airlines operate on the lines from European cities to Belgrade. The International Airport ”Konstantin Veliki” in Nis is about 118km from the tourist center Kopaonik away and throughout the year it is connected by regular lines with a large number of European cities, as well as charter flights from Moscow and Bologna.

 By bus or mini-bus

Regular bus lines from Novi Sad, Belgrade and Nis to Kopaonik are set throughout the year. During the winter season, a large number of travel agencies organize bus or minibus transport (departure and return on Saturdays).

 By helicopter

Helicopter flight from the international airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade to Kopaonik lasts 50 minutes. The landing is organized at the heliport in Bačište, which is located 2,3km from the Hotel Grand in Kopaonik.

 By passenger car

Access to and distance from Belgrade:

Beograd – Batočina – Kragujevac – Kraljevo – Jošanička banja – Kopaonik (290 km)
Beograd – Pojate – Kruševac – Brus – Kopaonik (300 km)

Access to and distance from other cities in the country and the region:

Niš – Kopaonik (118km)
Novi Sad – Beograd – Kopaonik (347km)
Podgorica – Kopaonik (420km)
Banja Luka – Kopaonik (570km)
Skoplje (motorway E 75, exit Grdelica) – Prokuplje – Brus – Kopaonik (300km)
Ljubljana – Zagreb – Beograd – Kopaonik (817km)
Thessaloniki – Kopaonik (479km)


The Resort make also the Grand Hotel & Spa ****, the Family Hotel Angella **** and Aparatments Konaci****. All facilities are located in the middle of the tourist center and the National Park at 1770 m asl.

With more than 1,300 beds, the MK Mountain Resort is the biggest hotel complex in Kopaonik. The total accommodation capacities, along with the associated facilities, have been renovated and equipped according to the highest standards, and the total investment in the modernization of the complex in the last five years amounted to more than 23 million euros.


Winter skiing at MK Mountain Resort in Kopaonik:


88 Rooms Hotel **** Belgrade

88 Rooms Hotel was opened in February 2014 as a part of the MK Group and under the auspices of the management of the company MK Mountain Resort.

The 88 Rooms Hotel, by its very name, suggests a modern style of hotel business, dedicated to the same extent to business guests and tourists who visit Belgrade in increasing numbers. The 88 Rooms Hotel is located in Takovska Street, near the iconic value of old Belgrade and near the business area. Also, from the location of the hotel the most popular destinations for nightlife of the capital are easily accessible, and therefore the hotel is located in the center of positive city vibrations. With 5 different types of rooms on six floors, the hotel offers a comfortable and functional accommodation in 88 rooms and apartments. Nice interior, with specially designed and comfortable furniture for rest and relaxation and the most advanced equipment for work and business communications, make the 88 Rooms Hotel the ideal choice for a comfortable stay, regardless of the reason of arrival. The Rooftop conference & event hall of the 88 Rooms Hotel is an ideal choice for holding meetings, conferences, seminars and companies’ promotions.



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