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Nišville Jazz Festival – Brand Art Music

The International Nisville jazz festival is the largest and most-visited jazz festival in Southeastern Europe. The festival is the offical cultural event of the City of Nis (since 2005) and also “the festival of national value”, according to the rankings by Serbian Ministry of Culture in 2010. The importance of the festival was also recognized by Serbian Ministry of Trade and Services, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as Nisville festival was the winner of the award “The best from Serbia” in 2011. The Tourist Organization of Serbia includes Nišville as its official offer in tourist fairs throughout Europe. In the European Union magazine “New Europe”, published in Brussels, the festival has been reviewed as the “European face of Serbia”.
Since the first edition of the festival in 1995, Nisville has been promoting the multiculturism as the inevitable characteristic of the contemporary jazz music. The festival’s concept is based on presenting the ‘traditional’ jazz forms together with their fusion with the world music tradition, with the emphasis on the music from the Balkans. One of the most famous jazz magazines, the American ‘Downbeat’ values Nisville as the important musical event as the promotion of both the traditional Balkan music and American jazz heritage. According to the magazine, Nisville speciality is the popularizing the blend of the two.


Nišville jаzz festivаl is a public manifestation of Niš, and with a decision of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia is marked as an event of ”National Importance”. Nišville also gets award ” Best from Serbia” in 2011. Also, Nišville got award ” Tourist Flower ” as the best manifestation in Niš.

Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer is going to perform with her band at this year Nisville festival. Candy Dulfer is known around the world for her powerful and highenergy concerts. She collaborates with the biggest artists, performs with her own band across the world in sold-out clubs and on the largest festival stages, received a Grammy Award nomination for her debut album ‘Saxuality’, sold over 2.5 million albums worldwide since, and has had several number 1 hits in the USA.


She rose to fame with high profile collaborations with Dave Stewart (‘Lily was here’) and Prince. With Prince she performed at Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, played dozens of shows in the USA and all over Europe, and recorded on several of his albums. Together with Prince and Beyoncé she performed at the Grammy Awards ceremony.


Grammy winner Patti Austin is going to perform at Nisville 207 opening day – August 10th , exactly at her 67 birthday. The performance will be a tribute to the great Ella Fizgerald because next year marks 100 years since the birth of the great jazz singer.

Patti Austin crosses all musical genres, has made 17 solo albums, and has performed her award-nominated hit songs on the GRAMMYS® and the Oscars. As a performer, songwriter and vocalist she has had a star-studded career that began at the age of four, making her one of the most beloved artists over the world and a mainstay on the Billboard Jazz Albums charts.


Her most recent release, Avant-Gershwin, won Austin the Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Performance. As with 2002’s GRAMMY®-nominated homage to Ella Fitzgerald For Ella, Patti worked her magic again with the WDR Big Band on Avant-Gershwin.
A new high water mark for Patti, Avant-Gershwin finds her re-imagining George Gershwin’s complex and fascinating body of work. “You can judge a brilliant piece of music by how you can bend and stretch it,“ said Austin. “I always believed George Gershwin to be avant-garde so I wanted to challenge myself and rework everything melodically and lyrically.” She created unique and personal interpretations with arranger Michael Abene (Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich, B.B. King), aiming for an operatic but contemporary feeling. Quincy Jones has already said of the album ” ‘Avant-Gershwin’ is a Triumph. Listen Up!”
The ambitious “Overture/Gershwin Medley” leads off the album with a rousing fanfare, bridging together several Gershwin classics and immediately riveting the listener. For “Porgy & Bess,” Austin leaves behind some of the misogynistic messages and portrays a strong female role. She creates “Swanee” in the image of a jazz song, with a hard shuffle. Austin also replaces the conspicuously racist word “mammy” with the word “momma.” The singer follows Ella Fitzgerald’s lead on “Lady Be Good,” making it a rollicking, up-tempo ride. The resulting album is a work that goes beyond the “American Songbook,” into Austin’s bold and profound vision.
As if all of the above wasn’t enough, Patti has teamed up to with the WDR Big Band yet again to record an amazing and innovative tribute to Duke Ellington, now set for release in 2013! Her pop R & B offering entitled “Sound Advice” which has received critical acclaim and continues to amaze audiences in performances. Patti continues to demonstrate her dedication to social issues and the importance of mentoring those in need of inspiring life lessons. (all of us!). When asked to co create an organization dedicated to mentoring, she said “Of course” and the “Over My Shoulder” mentoring foundation was born.(


How to Get to Nišville…

airplane_europe_map-1Over 100 Artists performing on 10 stages…

Patti Austin (USA), Csaba Toth Bagi Balkan Union ft. Mike Stern (SRB/USA), Vasil Hadžimanov Band & Bisera Veletanlić (SRB), Tony Momrelle Band (GBR), Nisville Tango Big Bang Project (ARG/SRB), Rock Symphonny (MAK), Alpha Blondy (CIV/FRA), Al Foster Quintet (USA), Nik West (USA), Kamelia Todorova & JP3 Jivko Petrov Trio (BGR), Maks Kočetov Band (SRB/UKR), Tom Harrell Trip (USA), Darko Rundek & Apocalypso Now (HRV/FRA), Festen (FRA), Big Band verillaz (SVN), Frederik Köster – Die Verwandlung (DEU), Visions of a Nomad (AUS), Candy Dulfer (NLD), Rambo Amadeus (SRB), The Tbilisi Big Band (GEO), Very Naiss ft. Ivan Kurtić (SRB), E-Play (SRB), Silent Blast (LTU), Maestro (NLD), DJ Ceka (SRB) – Tony Momrelle (GBR) Live PA, Master Flow (SRB), Rainer Truby (DEU), Funky Junkie (SRB), DJ Amir – BBE/180 Proof/NYC (USA), Ashley Beedle (GBR), Angel Funkusion (BGR), Peppe (SRB), The Jazz Pit (IRL), DJ Loptica (SRB), Chvare (Mak), Esma’s Band Next Generation (MAK), Jazzotheria Band (SRB), Pasivni Posmatrači Prirore (SRB), Marko Luis (SRB), Muhi Tahiri & Friends (SUI), Lilly of the West (BGR), Artie Roth Quartet (CAN), Tim Group, Gravy Tune, Bullet For A Badman, Srdjan Japan & Richard III, Creativo String Quartet, Jazz Flood, Cassidy’s Brewery, Jazz Addicts, Tune, Arnold Layne & Alhemija, Špajz, Pata Negra, Uroš Spasojević Projekat, Blues Lady, Pilot Blues Band, Kolege, The Gamblers, Di Luna Blues Band, Tobacco Blues Band The Sons, Petting Blues Band, MT Blues Banda, Dixieland Band Cakovec (HRV) Dexter, Slide Ride, Sinobusi, Prljave Sestre, Epicoustic, Jevrem Cosic Trio, Strangers from South, Art Centar – Nis, Monsegur Jazz Band (FRA), The Irish Clovers, Free Fours, Aga Derlak Trio (POL), Nikicic – Cvetkovic Quintet, Katarina Kochetova Trio, Nevena Pejcic Kvintet, Bas I Stega, Ruke, Kezz, and many more…

Welcome to Nis in Serbia for the Nisville Jazz Festival 9th of August 2018 – 22th of Augusti 2018.

Nisville Jazz Festival homepage





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