Red Cross concentration camp – Niš

One of the best-preserved Nazi camps in Europe, the deceptively named Red Cross held about 30,000 Serbs, Roma, Jews and Partisans during the German occupation of Serbia (1941–45). Harrowing displays tell their stories, and those of the prisoners who attempted to flee in the biggest ever breakout from a concentration camp. The English-speaking staff are happy to provide translations and explain the exhibits in depth.

The concentration camp in Nis is not amongst the largest ones, yet more than 30k people were executed there (or on nearby Bubanj hill). The camp in question was named The Red Cross concentration camp after a railway station nearby. After the camp started operating in 1941, the elite of the city of Nis and its locale were all imprisoned due to their communistic beliefs (or even for suspicion of such). A large part of the people who were imprisoned there were free masons, people like Gypsies, Partisans, Radicals, Jews.

One of the most memorable events in the Red Cross concentration camp was the escape that took place on the 12th of February, 1942. Lead by one of the partisans held hostage, this was the biggest organized escape from a concentration camp until then.


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LOCATION Bul 12 Februar NišSerbia



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