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Golf in Engadine – Switzerland

Sport Committee Engadine Golf Club

Talk with Ramun Ratti (managing Director)


Home of Swiss Golf – the oldest Golf club in Switzerland – since 1893. The ENGADINE GOLF CLUB is one of the largest golf clubs in Switzerland with a total of 1,300 members, of whom 800 are active members. Our meeting with Mr Ramun Ratti at the Engadine Golf Club of Samedan gave us a lot of inspiration, and information. We met also the Swedish PGA Pro Mr.Fredrik Svanberg there, and found out that ENGADINE GOLF CLUB celebrate 125 years during 2018. Engadine Golf Club is the 7 oldest Golf Club in Europe. Golf season in Engadine is normally from May until October. The Clubhouse (Restaurant Foura XIX) was built 1980, hosting the Engadin Open championship, cooperation also with 35 hotels in the Engadine valley. Up to 120 000 habitants live in Engadine valley. The ENGADINE GOLF CLUB runs by 55% member owners, 45% hotels and companies owner. 1600 CHF is the membership fee, lower of course for non-resident and juniors. In Switzerland exist around 90 000 Golfers, with some 90 Golf Clubs. We recommend you to come and visit ENGADINE GOLF CLUB, play both Golf Clubs. You will not regret this, for sure. We loved it…

To play golf at 1700 m above sea level in a breath-taking alpine setting and in one of the most beautiful valleys anywhere – to play golf on a historical course – to be a member of the oldest golf club in Switzerland: this is the Engadine Golf Club.

ENGADINE GOLF CLUB is offering its members the unique opportunity to play on two excellent golf courses in the Engadine: the 18-hole championship course in Samedan and the 18-hole championship course in Zuoz-Madulain, with fabulous views of the Engadine mountain panorama. Golf Samedan and Golf Zuoz-Madulain are both par 72 and 18-hole courses. The comprehensive calendar of tournaments has something to satisfy every taste for those looking for sporting competition with other members and guests.

However, they are completely different in character. While Samedan, the oldest 18-hole course in Switzerland, is situated in the plane between Samedan, Punt Muragl and Celerina, the golf course Zuoz-Madulain stretches from Zuoz to Madulain along the river Inn and between hills and woodland in an alpine setting.


It would be hard to find a golf course with more tradition and history than this one (at least in Switzerland). Samedan is unique! In 2018 we will look back at 125 years of the Engadine Golf Club.  And take note – nowhere else does a golf course witness such incredible stories as here in Engadine.

At the 1st tee you face a man, wearing the same red glove as the Bond actor and who greets you with the same words like from the film: ”How do you do?” as in the film original Goldfinger. And then it dawns on you that in this tournament foursome you really are playing the famous Scottish actor Sean Connery. Above all the numerous celebrities that have come here to play. Prince Max of Baden for instance, the Bishop of Colchester, or Prince Henry of Prussia, who became a club member. Not forgetting either the Duke of Windsor and the Aga Khan, who founded a tournament followed by many prominent championships. After the first amateur golf tournament of Switzerland in 1893, which is still played each year as the Engadine amateur Championship, the Swiss Open followed in 1923. During WWII all tournaments were put on hold – the lack of guests lead to a financial bottleneck for the Engadine Golf Club. Luckily the Palace Hotel stood in to advance some funds. Its owner, Hans Baldrutt, was a great supporter of the Club anyway and – like his son Andrea later – its long-standing chairman.

Facts & Figures

18-hole Championship Course, PAR 72, 6’217 m. Clubhouse with restaurant and Golf Academy ”Engadin Golf Center” with up to 5 PGA Pros, as well as a technically very well equipped Performance Center (RoboGolf Pro, Trackman, Flightscope & SAM Putt Lab). A generous short game area with water and sand hazards, as well as 45, partly covered bays. Carts and trolleys can be rented. Guests are always welcome

Engadin Golf Samedan

A l’En 14, CH-7503 Samedan

Tel. +41 (0)81 851 04 66

Fax +41 (0)81 851 04 67




This grandchild of the famous grandfather came into the golfing world in 2003 and awaits you just a few drives down the valley. This course, with a par of 72 over 18 holes, offers you variety and a very great deal of golfing pleasure while enjoying the views and feeling the immediate presence of Alpine nature. The clubhouse with a nice restaurant, the pro shop, the Engadine Golf Centre, a spacious, partially roofed practice range, infrastructure and the option of hiring golf trolleys and golf carts cover all your needs when it comes to your golfing experience. The white balls have been soaring on the Zuoz-Madulain Golf Course since 2003! The combination of Alpine golfing pleasure and having nature so close you could almost touch it guarantees a special kind of golfing experience – the term ‘unique’ surely applies. We saw it by ourselves when we visited Zuoz-Madulain in August 2017.

Facts & Figures

18-hole Championship Course, PAR 72, 6’007 m. Restaurant, pro shop and golf Academy «Engadin Golf Center» with PGA Professionals. Chip and putt area and 40, partially covered bays offer the best training conditions. Carts and trolleys can be rent. Guests are always welcome!

Engadin Golf Zuoz

Resgia, CH-7524 Zuoz-Madulain

Tel. +41 (0)81 851 35 80

Fax +41 (0)81 851 35 89


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/engadingolf/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/engadingolf/



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