Rizhskiy Samogon – Honey Brandy

Rizhskiy Samogon is a high quality 43° alcoholic drink that is produced only from real honey. The development of the 2 litre bottle took three years with no compromises and with innovation in every single element of the bottle. The goal was to create a pure, iconic and timeless product. Every part of the packaging is thought out to the finest details – the ergonomics, convenient carrying and logistics on the pallet. This high quality drink is created as a perfect gift for special occasions, weddings and as a new souvenir for visitors to Latvia. The innovative and competitive spirit promotes the recognition of Latvian design in the world, while it will annually pay €2 million in taxes to the Latvian state.


Rizhskiy Samogon is made from real honey which gives the drink it’s softness. There is no added sugar and it is completely gluten-free. White honey brandy is created in a hi-tech distillery in Riga, that guarantees the highest quality of the drink.

Distillery “Rizhskiy Samogon” interior, packaging, identity

Combining the knowledge and experience of Latvian architects, designers, engineers, programmers, technologists and chefs, we have created a contemporary, know-how technology, craft distillery. Within a compact 400m2 space, we created a sustainable, closed-circle factory with no material loss. All technological equipment and interior is custom made from durable materials – copper and stainless steel with maximum energy saving and care for the environment. A specific program for controlling the heating, water supply and distillation process was developed on ‘Unitronics’ base. The distillery is proof that it is possible to create a unique and globally competitive factory and beverage in Latvia.

Rizhskiy Samogon is high quality 43° percent potcheen (Poitin) produced from Latvian honey in the greenest neighborhood in Riga – Mezaparks. After fermentation and double distillation in copper pots it is filtered through forest moss and activated carbon. The Potcheen (Poitin) is filled in 2 liter bottles and has a pleasant taste and aroma of a spirit drink. Combining the knowledge and experience of architects, designers, engineers, programmers, technologists and chefs with centuries of beekeeping traditions, we have created a contemporary, highly technological craft distillery. The main ingredient for Rizhskiy Samogon Potcheen (Poitin) distillate is honey.

”Moonshine” is known by many nicknames, including white liquorwhite lightningmountain dewchoophoochhomebrewwhite whiskey, and mash liquor.


For inquiries and more questions about prices, how to order from Latvia please contact Cawa Media at: cawamedia@outlook.com




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