Taiwan evening in aid of STREET CHILD

International Philanthropic Society of Sweden, IPS invited for  a Taiwan evening in aid of



http://www.street-child.co.uk SCHOOLS FOR TOMORROW-NEPAL
on Friday 17th May 2019 at 6.30 pm
at the Wenner-Gren Center (23rd floor) Sveavägen 166

Buffet dinner, drinks and entertainment.
Special thanks to H.E. Daniel T C Liao, Ambassador of Taiwan, Mrs. Kanthi S Beck, Representative, TMIS

IPS fundraiser on behalf of Street Child 17th May  at the Wenner – Gren Center, sponsored by the Taipei Mission in Stockholm; H.E. D T Liao, Formosa  Cultural association and Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce.

Breaking the Bonds is a project within Street Child. Its aim is  to support the most vulnerable members of the Musahar Caste (untouchables) in a  remote region in Nepal; they are a politically marginalized, economically exploited and socially excluded group. Musahar girls are 100% out of  school after age of 10, owing to their untouchable status. 

The aim of the IPS project is  to give vital social support to 600 Musahar girls.IPS raised the necessary funds for this project thanks to its kind and generous supporters, said Kanthi  S Beck, President/Founder of IPS. The IPS support will help these vulnerable women and girls and give them a chance to learn basic literacy and numeracy so they can break free from  bonded labour, (modern day slavery).

Attached information about our fundraiser on behalf of  Street Child.  As IPS of Sweden supported Nepal, also attached a Field report of the Nepal project so you get an idea of what cause IPS of Sweden are supporting.

Field Report from NepalStreet Child for IPS-S

The project is “Breaking the bonds”, Empowering the most Marginalised group of people in Nepal, those belonging to the Musahar caste.

(support to train 20 Social workers  who then deliver vital social support for 600 vulnerable  girls).



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