National Day of the Republic of Italy 2019

Invitation to the reception celebrating the National Day of the Republic of Italy, which was hold on board of the ”Costa Magica” Italian cruising ship on May 31st 2019 between 11.30 and 14.00 hrs. presented by the Italian ambassador in Sweden Mario Cospito. See our pictures and presentation of ”Costa Magica” here:

The magic of Italy


All the wonders of some of the most beautiful locations in Italy can be found here. Costa Magica is dedicated to the magic of Italy, a fabulous journey through the country’s best known and enchanting cities, with works of art from the prestigious Brera Academy.

Costa Magica was built in 2004 and takes 2718 passengers. The décor is inspired by beautiful Italian places in Italy such as Capri, Portofino, Bellagio and Sardinia’s Emerald Coast. With Costa Magica the cruise is a magical experience.

Costa Magica is a sunny and spectacular ship with large outdoor tires, such as the Maratea deck that is shaped like an amphitheater. The elegant rear deck with pool and two jacuzzis can be covered so you can take a swim regardless of the weather.

On the ship there are 5 restaurants where you can enjoy an Italian-inspired meal. If you want to spoil yourself, try one of the many treatments in the ship’s 1300 m2 wellness area. In the evening you can try the luck at the casino, have a drink in one of the 11 bars or see a performance in the ship’s 3 storey high theater.

Costa Magica is a large modern ship where the majority of the cabins have a balcony. It is ideal for families or couples looking for a cruise with a charming European atmosphere and culinary experiences from the refined Italian cuisine.



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