Exhibition Sultani Art – Kiani Concept

Armand Sultai Art ”To begin on a new canvas feels like a dip in a northern ocean cold and uncomfortable but still with a excitement to continue. Painting for me is a way to connect to the world around me. I want to show the course of my life. I paint my everyday feelings and in the rythm of the music, I find my composition. To mix colors is a challange that I love. It makes me feel that I’m transfered into a different dimension where my soul takes control and makes me live my life. And the best thing that could happend is that someone else fills connected to my paintings or response with a sense of understanding. Every painting describe a whole new world in it self. Sometimes it feels like I’m lost in this new world and the only way out is to listen to my heart and let the music lead my way. I’m a dreamer, dreams are the nutrition of the soul. Dreams makes me sail like a kite! What would life be like without dreaming?” 

Kiani Concept was founded in 2014 by Saman Taherpour. The contemporary jewelry and accessories line is all about perfectionism and precision to the smallest details with the perfect choice of material.  Classic meets modern in the mix of history and future, recurring symbols of timeless truths in a fast moving world. His signature flair, throw all of his designs with the touch of royalties and his love for history.



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