Diplomatic Spouses Club of Stockholm farewell at the Egyptian Residence

This day in March 2021 Reem Maguid Amin at the Egyptian residence in Stockholm, Sweden hosted the Diplomatic spouses club of Stockholm to bid a farewell party for Mrs Nerissa Williams. Divided into groups of 8 , it was a joyful gathering around a traditional workshop . The guests were invited to design their own ancient pieces of Egyptian jewelry in this interesting workshop.

History tells us the ancient Egyptians wore exotic jewelries made out of so many things to guard them from evil forces. Even the dead were decorated with jewelries like collars, bracelets, earrings and anklets. Though many items were used to make jewelries, the Egyptians liked silver more than anything else, and gold represented the flesh of the gods and the fire of the sun. Although sometimes Egyptian jewelers are particularly confined to metalworking (silver, gold and platinum) while other Egyptian jewelers are involved in the development of fine and precious stones, the two professions are closely complementary.

We was part in a jewelry workshop to create from an idea or a picture, to a finished necklace ore bracelet in precious metals and gemstones. Jeweler’s evolution

The jeweler’s profession has existed for thousands of years. Nevertheless, that of artisan jeweler which concerns fine and precious stones is more recent. Scepters, royal crowns, princely jewels and Roman or Egyptian seals were created by talented jewelers who had only hand tools at their disposal.

These work techniques have lasted for centuries. Things changed during the twentieth century with the arrival of electricity and engines that have enabled jewelers to overcome the most difficult tasks such as rolling plates or stretching metal wire. All these tools have only enriched and complemented business, making it all more attractive.

Though, the necklace looks very complicated, it is handmade and very easy to make as you will see on our pictures from the workshop at the Egyptian residence today.



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