Egyptian lecture in Voodoo dolls

At the Egyptian residence in Stockholm, Sweden Mrs. Reem Maguid Amin invited IWC (the International Woman club) and the Diplomatic spouses club of Stockholm for an online lecture on Zoom. A few invited guests A few invited guests, Mirella Di Stefano President på Rotary Club of Stockholm International. Mrs. Lucy Chuang together with Cawa Media were able to visit this afternoon presentation on the 14th of April 2021.

The mysterious journey continued and this time we step more deeper towards the magical powers of the ”Ancient Egyptian Spirit Dolls ” which are popularly known by the “Voodoo dolls” enveloped in the power of the Hieroglyphic written curse.

This small clay effigy doll was discovered in Egypt in a terracotta vase with a folded lead tablet that had been inscribed with a magic binding spell. Precisely, a very macabre love spell. The effigy has her feet tied together and her arms tied behind her back. She is pierced with 13 pins (one in the top of the head, one in the mouth, one in each eye and each ear, one each in the solar plexus, vagina, and anus, and one in the palm of each hand and in the sole of each foot).

In Ancient Egypt, so-called ”Execration Texts” appear around the time of the 12th Dynasty, listing the names of enemies written on clay figurines or pottery which were then smashed and buried beneath a building under construction (so that they were symbolically ”smothered”), or in a cemetery.

People of Ancient Egypt took Magic very seriously, and many superstitions arose from it. Apparently, a certain priest class could perform magic, which put the common people in awe of them. Stories about their magic appear in various writings, even the Bible (the Ten Plagues of Egypt). One of the interesting aspects of their Magic is the use of a primitive doll to represent a person, and then cause that person pain or some kind of harm by sticking pins into the doll. Like the voodoo doll, and it’s also known as poppet magic. These dolls existing in Ancient Egypt already, I thought that kind of magic was a Voodoo thing only, but look at this: They were performing this kind of ”Sympathetic Love Magic” back in Ancient Egypt already! 



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