Turkish carpets and rugs – Taners

Taners is a family business with a store on Östermalm in Stockholm. Today, the store is run by Merdan Taner and his daughter Anna. Taner started his carpet shopping career in the Grand Bazar in Istanbul in the late 50’s. He quickly learned different qualities, types, knots, techniques and above all his interest in the craft was aroused. The fabrics and rugs that Taner had seen his grandmother and grandmother make during his childhood were reminiscent of those sold in the Bazaar.

Taners heart is most passionate about the unique nomad rugs in high-quality natural materials. Something odd that stands out, a color, a pattern, a trademark or the like. The rugs that are only available in a single copy where the weaver has chosen the very best wool, her favorite colors and woven in symbols for her wishes and dreams. Choosing a semi-antique or antique rug is to reuse. Choosing products in natural materials. Wear-resistant dirt-repellent materials that can be used for many years and that only get more beautiful. To see the beauty of a rug that has been used and given its natural patina. And which carries on a genuine craft tradition.

With Taners you will find more than 5000 handmade modern newly made glue and knotted rugs, exclusive silk rugs, rose glue, antique hand-knotted nomad rugs and unique nomad glue. Kelim pillows, floor pillows, dog beds, etc.

Taners have a large network of manufacturers and partners. If you have specific needs, or are missing something, get in touch and we will do our best to satisfy your wishes.

Welcome to Taners at Grevgatan 7 on Östermalm in Stockholm, Turkish coffee with tasty snacks was served. Explaination about how to manufactur carpets was made Todays events arranged by Figen Yunt from the Turkish embassy for ASAS Ambassadors Spouses Association of Stockholm. Today guests came from Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Kosovo, Belarus, Algeriet, Kuwait, Malaysia, India, Tunisia, Argentina.



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