DSCS and IWC 60 Diamond Jubilee

Today on June the 7th, 2021 at the Residence of the Ambassador of Egypt, his spouse, Ms. Reem Maguid Amin, and president of the Diplomatic Spouses Club of Stockholm, hosted a garden party to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee (60 years) of the two oldest international associations in Stockholm: the International Women’s Club IWC and the above mentioned Diplomatic Spouses Club of Stockholm DSCS.

The Military Attachés Spouses Club was invited, as well as the President of the Association of Diplomats of Stockholm. Also present enjoying the friendly ambiance were Ms. Hanna Bocander, Lord Mayor of Danderyd,  Ms. Elizabeth Dahlin, Barnombudsman and Ms. Sara Feronha Martins, Ambassador of Portugal.

The newly elected presidents of both clubs were presented to the members and the rest of the attendees.

The IWC and the Diplomatic Spouses club of Stockholm of received greetings from the Mayor of Danderyd, president of the City council and many embassies, the president of this year EU, Portugal ambassador was present. The 60th Anniversary celebration garden party, together with with IWC, President, Kanthi Beck

The Diplomatic Spouses club of Stockholm DSCS. British, French, German, Egypitian, Indian and many more ladies were leading the Presidency of the DSCS club, and now the Ukranian spouse will take over Presidency of the DSP club after Mrs Reem Maguid Amin.


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  1. Dear Peter and Larisa, (Cawa Media)

    Many Many thanks for your support!
    Very best regards and see you on 15th June at 11.30am.
    ( Malaysian Embassy, Karlavägen.)

    Kanthi SB,



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