Bookrelease about Karabakh at Baku Book Center

The presentation of the book titled ”Dastan of Karabakh. Thirty Years Expectation – 44 Day Victory” ”(Qarabağ dastanı. Оtuz ilin həsrəti – 44 günün Zəfəri) was held on September 23, 2021 at the Baku Book Center in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The memory of the fallen heroes of the Patriotic War, who gave their lives for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, was honored with a minute of silence.

People’s writers Anar, Elchin, Chingiz Abdullayev, deputy of the Milli Mejlis Zhale Aliyeva, writer and journalist Rashad Majid, doctor of philological sciences, professor Jahangir Mammadli, Head of the Baku Book Center Gunel Anargizi and host of the evening, Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Nargiz Jalilova spoke about the book and its contribution to the perpetuation of the great victory of Azerbaijan, which put an end to the Armenian occupation. From Sweden came Cawa Media for the Bookrelease event at the Baku Book Center in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The event also featured musical performances by People’s Artist Tunzali Agayeva, winners of the mugam competition Khayal Huseynov, Nisbat Sadraeva, and singer Azad Shabanov.

The book includes articles by famous writers, literary critics, public and political figures about the culture, nature and traditions of Karabakh, as well as poems by famous Azerbaijani poets dedicated to Karabakh. See pictures and video below:



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