Scandinavian International Fashion Week 2022




Sonja Andersson

SA is a Swedish Brand  founded by Sonja Andersson, her specialty is couture. She has had the opportunity to travel to different countries and shown her ability to create luxurious clothes. Ability she inherited from her mother. Sonja Andersson is an entrepreneur and the third generation of designer in her family. SA manufacturers couture with Scandinavian ”touch”. The idea is to always develop something simple, beautiful and unique.

JJ Corpas

Natalya Roos & Magic Hooks

Christina Guijarro

Lucaz Enigma @lucazenigma

Fabienne Troncy & Ma Meilleure Aime

Hope Kwaba @hope.kwaba by Esperansa Mateus

Ruslan Khvastov

Ruskan Khvastov is a Ukrainian fashion and costumer designer. He is the winner of the national awards of the academy of the motion picture arts (NIKA) in 2003 for the best costumer for the art movie chekhoskie motivu by Kira Muratova. He manufactures both men and women wear collection. @showroom_ruslan_khvastov

Artist & Singer Therese NeaimeRevan ReiiDogge Doggelito. Enjoyed the show with gorgeous @thereseneaime & co. SIF ”Scandinavian International Fashion week” is a returning event every year with arrangement of Sonja Andersson who also is the founder of SIF. Well done Sonja!






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