Journalist and Press agency that works mainly with internal media and company press. Since the start 1995 we have grown, and are today a large group of press consultants working together. Our main office is in Stockholm, Sweden but we work with agencies, and foreign press all over the world. Cawa Media is the home to some of the world’s most powerful photo journalism, created by international photographers and emerging new talent. You’ll find authentic images of our day.

Our core values:

Business – for our business-driven organization
Competence – we have broad expertise in the organization based on experience
• Relationship – working to create good relationships
Development – it’s important for us to develop both as a person and organization

Photo Assignments & Photo Reportage

Commissioned photo shoots by top photographers. Our freelance Journalists
and photographers, who work with new products, bigger events, fashion, sports
and travel are available for assignment. bringing their unique perspectives to
your next commissioned project.

Photo Team

13022199_10153917059571620_508030416_n Mrs. Larisa Johansson, Photographer.

Photographer and Editor at Cawa Media. Wide experience of photography i Stockholm, Sweden and Worldwide. Event photo specialist, red carpet.

Stella Pictures, Picture agency.

Photographers at Stella bildbyrå AB, and freelance Photographer.

Journalist partners

jabl Princess Karina Bagration, Journalist.

PhD. Princess Carina Organization (Switzerland, Under High Patronage of Geneva Canton) President and co-founder,  Creative Giving Program and Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (education startup co-founder), a journalist and cultural diplomacy advisor to Cawa Media

rainer H.E. Rainer Ruge, Journalist.

EU Council representative, studied Journalism, History, Political Science at (Universität Wien), Swiss Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (education startup co-founder), a journalist and cultural diplomacy advisor to Cawa Media.


All images captioned with a credit Cawa Media Images by photographers: ”Larisa Johansson” – ”Calle Anderson” – ”Camilla Käller” – ”Johan Persson” are the product of Cawa Media complete editorial control. Bildkälla ‘Cawa Media’.



Peter Johansson, Head of marketing. +46 (0) 70 44 73 111

Peter Johansson Account management at Cawa Media Stockholm,
Sweden. Bokföring, Head of marketing Cawa Media

Do you want to contact us, please write to:






shb-logo166x18x2-hex005fa4 BankGiro 695-6072 – Swish 070-4473111


FSWL2-234x60 James Bond 007

Paypal – CawaMedia



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