My Place Hotel & Tami Residence Hotel

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Recommended Hotels in the city of Niš, Serbia.

My Place Hotel in Niš

Directly in the center of the historic town of Nis, quietly situated next to the river and castle, the design hotel with 30 rooms of every comfort convinces even the most refined bussiness travallers and city tourists: With its view on the castle and of course with two gourment restaurants, garden and lobby restaurant, run by a famous chef.

BEST WESTERN Hotel My Place have 30 beautiful designed rooms.

  • 4 single rooms
  • 8 double rooms
  • 9 double rooms with separate beds
  • 3 studios with king bed
  • 3 apartmants with king bed
  • 3 apartmants with separate beds

Kej 29. Decembra 22, 18000 Niš, Serbien

”The My Place Group” planning soon to open the five star Ambassador hotel after restauration in Niš.


Tami Residence Hotel in Niš.

Hotel Tami Residence is located in the city of Niš. It is a high quality, 4 star hotel, opened in September 2009. Hotel Tami Residence is situated at the heart of the convention and sports complex of the Tami – Trade d.o.o. in Nis. The hotel is located at one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the City of Nis, only two kilometers from the downtown, well connected with the commercial centre of the city. The hotel is positioned in a quiet environment, reflecting the beauty of surroundings and specificities of the ancient imperial Nis. The hotel has 70 rooms and suites. The main building of the Hotel contains 60 standard and deluxe guest rooms, including 3 suites and extra 10 deluxe guest rooms in the Annex building. In order to offer the required comfort, high-quality accommodation and service, we have paid special attention to decoration and spaciousness of the guest rooms, with pleasant colors and carefully selected materials.

At the Tami Residence Hotel guests can use: the Internet, outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre and a small sports field free of charge. If you wish to briefly visit Nis, at the Tami Residence Hotel you may afford moments of relaxation after your daily duties, relieving yourself of stress in the newly opened SPA & Wellness Centre TAMI which offers various types of massage, fitness program, sauna, tepidarium and jacuzzi.

Durmitorska prilaz br.1, 18 000 Niš, Srbija



Vinski Podrum Malca & Naissus Wine Fine Fair

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Wine lovers, Welcome to Serbia. You now can be able to experience in a more than a 115 years old wine cellar a kind of timetravel.

Through viewing 4 different ways of wine making, you can experience 4 time periods and enjoy in wine characteristic for each of that periods.

Visit the Restaurant “Gostionica on wine road” with extraordinary food offer made with recepies from different time periods like: Roman,  Serbian, Vegetarian and Middleage.


is a exotic wine that discreetly hides its noble origin, invites you to enjoy and to reflect on the simple values that land donates to us. According to an ancient procedure, we have cherished wine that long ago was enjoyed by old Romans and Greeks.

The process of creating wine starts by selecting and separating only healthy grapes, which are then maceratingin an amphora on the grapeskin next six months wine is then dispensed and left to stay in amphora until it is one year old. After this period, wine is moved to 4tons oak vessels, where it stays  for another year.

This wine can be enjoyed even after several years.


Amphoras are the oldest wine vessels.They are known to have been used in 3000 BC.

Clay from Georgia is considered to be the best clay for amphoras. These amphoras are from Georgia. The volume of each of these amphoras is approximately 2000 l. During the harvesting of wine grapes, grape seeds are removed, grapes are then gently squeezed (in the past people trampled them barefoot ) and put into amphoras.

For some reason fermentation in these amphoras lasts long.White wines fermentation lasts up to six months, while red wine fermentation lasts up to 3 months. During fermentation in amphoras carbon dioxide is released and it protects wine by preventing wine oxidation. When the fermentation is over and gases are no longer released, grape solids are removed and amphoras are covered with earth so that the wine can age until the next harvest, when it must be taken out of the amphoras and put into wooden containers where it stays for a year, and the empty amphoras are filled with fresh grapes.These wines smell a little of beeswax because the interior of amphoras is covered with beeswax.



Dark, deep ruby color, with characteristic flavor of ripe red Fruit with conspicuous minerality.

Cabernet sauvignon i Merlot brought a wine with exceptional fullness and complex tannic structure.

Sharp tannins complete an impressive taste of this wine. Unique robust character given to this wine by its long aging in amphoras is excellently incorporated in the aromatic complex of the wine.

This wine can be stored for years and can only become better. It goes well with all sorts of red meat, strong and spicy food, smoked cheeses and meats.

Serve chilled at 16-18°C. Decanting is highly recomended before serving. Alk: 13.5%vol



White wine of extraordinary dark yellow colour. Intense aroma of ripe quince and pear.

A long maceration on the grapeskin in amphoras and then aging in large wooden barrels, made of this wine something quite different from any wine you`ve ever tasted. Long finish and developed tertiary aromas remain for a long time in the memory.

Character of amphoras is best noticed in covered taste of bee wax. Fits with fish, light meats and cheeses.

Serve chilled at 10-12°C. Decanting is highly desirable before serving. Alk: 12%vol

E-771, Malča 18207, Srbija, 18207 Malča, Malča
NAISSUS Wine & Fine Fair 11 – 12 August 2017
Turdava – Letnja Pozornica
Recommended Winery (Vinarija) with excellent wines. Please check:
Vinarija Milosavljevic from Bucje, Trstenik (Tamjanika)
Gruzanskanit (Sliva)
Vinarija Raj (Wine)
Pruna (Wine)
Coka (Wine)

Skull tower & Čegar hill and tower

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Skull Tower is a stone structure embedded with human skulls located in NišSerbia. It was constructed following the Battle of Čegar of May 1809, during the First Serbian Uprising. Serbian rebels under the command of Stevan Sinđelić were attacked by the Ottomans on Čegar Hill, near Niš. Knowing that he and his fighters would be impaled if captured, Sinđelić detonated a powder magazine within the rebel entrenchment, killing himself, his fellow rebels and the encroaching Ottoman soldiers. Vizier Hurshid Pasha ordered that a tower be made from the skulls of the fallen rebels. The tower is 4.5-metre (15 ft) high, and originally contained 952 skulls embedded on four sides in 14 rows.

In the centuries following its construction, Skull Tower has become a place of Serb pilgrimage. In Serbia, and among Serbs both inside and outside the country, it is considered a symbol of the country’s struggle for independence from the Ottoman Empire. Skull Tower is one of the most visited places in Serbia, with 30,000–50,000 visitors annually. In the early 1830s, French Romantic poet Alphonse de Lamartine wrote of the tower upon visiting Niš, which was at the time still part of the Ottoman Empire.

AdressBulevar Dr Zorana Đinđića, Niš, Serbien

Čegar tower is a location in Serbia where the Battle of Čegar Hill took place. Today’s monument in the shape of a tower – a symbol of the soldiers’ fortification – was erected for the fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of Niš from the Turks, on June 1, 1927. In 1938 a bronze bust of Stevan Sinđelić was positioned in the semicircular niche of the monument. Čegar Hill, under the command of Stevan Sinđelić, was attacked by the Ottoman troops. The battle lasted the whole day. As Milovan Kukić witnessed, the Turks attacked five times, and the Serbs managed to repulse them five times. Each time their losses were great. Some of the Turks attacked, and some of them went ahead, and thus when they attacked for the sixth time they filled the trenches with their dead so that the alive went over their dead bodies and they began to fight against the Serbs with their rifles, cutting and sticking in their enemies with their sabers and knives. The Serbian soldiers from other trenches cried out to help Stevan. But there was no help, either because they could not help without their cavalry, or because Miloje Petrović did not allow it. When Stevan Sinđelić saw that the Turks had taken over the trench, he ran to the powder cave, took out his gun, and fired into the powder magazine. The explosion was so strong that all the surroundings were shaken, and the whole trench was caught in a cloud of dense smoke.

Three thousand Serbian revolutionaries, and more than double of that on the Turkish side were killed on Čegar Hill. After the defeat of the Serbian rebel army, the Turkish commander of Niš, Hursid Pasha, ordered that the heads of the killed Serbians were to be mounted on a Skull Tower to serve as a warning to whoever opposed the Ottoman Empire. In all, 952 skulls were included, with the skull of Sinđelić placed at the top.

AdressNiška, Bobiste, Serbien

Two places to visit in Nis, Serbia





Red Cross concentration camp – Niš

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One of the best-preserved Nazi camps in Europe, the deceptively named Red Cross held about 30,000 Serbs, Roma, Jews and Partisans during the German occupation of Serbia (1941–45). Harrowing displays tell their stories, and those of the prisoners who attempted to flee in the biggest ever breakout from a concentration camp. The English-speaking staff are happy to provide translations and explain the exhibits in depth.

The concentration camp in Nis is not amongst the largest ones, yet more than 30k people were executed there (or on nearby Bubanj hill). The camp in question was named The Red Cross concentration camp after a railway station nearby. After the camp started operating in 1941, the elite of the city of Nis and its locale were all imprisoned due to their communistic beliefs (or even for suspicion of such). A large part of the people who were imprisoned there were free masons, people like Gypsies, Partisans, Radicals, Jews.

One of the most memorable events in the Red Cross concentration camp was the escape that took place on the 12th of February, 1942. Lead by one of the partisans held hostage, this was the biggest organized escape from a concentration camp until then.


HOURS 9am-4pm Tue-Fri, 10am-3pm Sat & Sun

LOCATION Bul 12 Februar NišSerbia

Manufaktura restaurant – Belgrade

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Manufaktura restaurant


This traditional restaurant is a collection of flavors, carefully selected and collected, that you can feel here or take it with you and share with someone. The shelves are collections of products with quality and taste that represents the best of the Balkan cuisine. Inspired by traveling and friendships, memories and impressions gathered from the banks of six seas, the restaurant believe that food builds relationships. They believe in the passion that has found its expression in food. All they have, they have prepared with great love.

Highly recommended for real traditional Balkan food when you visit Belgrade.

Restoran Manufaktura

phone:+381 11 2180044
address: Kralja Petra 13-15, Belgrade
Sitting places (inside): 140
Sitting places (outside): 140
Payment cards: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Dina, Diners
Spoken languages:English
Parking: Javni Parking
Type of music: Etno and Jazz
Opening date: 12.30.2014

Enso restaurant – Belgrade

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The Enso symbolizes absolute elegance, harmony, strength, minimalism in the expression of elegance. The restaurant philosophy is based on harmony of tastes and international cuisine.


The best fushion food in Belgrade recommended by Cawa Media. It is a pleasure for us to present to you a new fine dining restaurant in Belgrade, Enso. It is located in a peaceful part of Belgrade, near city center, in Mitropolita Petra 8 street. 10 Taxi.

The restaurant philosophy is based on harmony of tastes and international cuisine. Comfortable and warm interior will make you feel cozy and enhance the pleasure. You must try the wine selection that you can match perfectly with your delicious meal.

Our recommendation the Tasting menu.

Enso Restaurant

Restoran Enso

phone:+381 63 594924
address: Mitropolita Petra 8
Sitting places (inside): 38
Sitting places (outside): 50
Payment cards: Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Dina
Spoken languages:English
Parking: 40
Working hours: 09h – 24h, Sunday from 13h / Monday closed
Type of music: Jazz & Funky soul
Opening date: 12.22.2015


Diana Orving SS18

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DIANA ORVING is a Swedish fashion brand by designer and artist Diana Orving (b.1985). DIANA ORVING consists of two lines of work; one being the Collections run by season (SS/AW), and one being the Atelierfocused on more experimental artistic work.

DIANA ORVING has a multi-faceted and variable style with a distinctive design that is characterized by an organic feel and movement through layers, volume and beautifully draped fabrics. The work with the collections is centered on the actual construction, Diana explores and works with her unique draping techniques, used in a number of ways to create intricate silhouettes consistently throughout the collection. Creating playful and stylish garments that dynamically encounters the person wearing it. Encouraging movement by the body and by the garment itself, every piece should ask for altering.

DIANA ORVING Collections has presented women’s wear collections at fashion shows and exhibitions in Sweden and internationally since spring 2007.

DIANA ORVING Atelier provides a space for contemplative and uncompromised crafting and research in an expanded field of fashion and textile. With an emphasis on artistic experimentation with shapes and ideas DIANA ORVING Atelier is creating a wide range of works such as sculptural showpieces, installations or costumes for the Royal Opera. With the Atelier Diana receives specific commissions and pursues collaborations with other artists and art forms.

DIANA ORVING was awarded Designer of the year by Swedish ELLE magazine 2017.


Kazakhstan 25 years independence

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This year Kazakhstan is celebrating its 25th anniversary as an independent nation. Over the years, Kazakhstan has demonstrated its commitment to multilateralism, global peace-building, security and development, as well as its efficiency as an impartial honest broker working for the common benefit. At the initiative of its founding President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the country has launched meaningful international processes, including the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) and the triennial Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions. It has also chaired key organisations such as the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and has been busy promoting valuable global and regional initiatives such as the establishment of a world free from nuclear weapons and the Eurasian Economic Union.In just over two decades, Kazakhstan has managed to become an economic and geopolitical success story.

Kazakhstan är ett stort land – nästan lika stort som hela Västeuropa – vilket gör det till världens nionde största land till arealen, alltså sex gånger större än Sverige. Kazakhstan ligger i mellersta Asien och består till stora delar av stäpp. I landet ligger tre stora saltvattensjöar: Aralsjön, Kaspiska havet och Balchasjsjön – som ligger helt eller delvis i Kazakhstan.

Landskapet har mycket omväxlande vegetation och sträcker sig från de bergiga och tätbefolkade områden i öster till det glest befolkade låglandet i väst. Klimatet är sibiriskt – vilket innebär mycket varma somrar och mycket kalla vintrar – och terrängen består mestadels av stora, tomma stäppområden. Dess breder i huvudsak ut sig över den mellersta delen av landet medan de bördigaste jordarna finns i de södra delarna av landet. Kazakhstan är fortfarande mycket glest befolkat med en total folkmängd på dryga 16 miljoner invånare.

25-års mottagning hos Kazakhstans ambassadör i Sverige den 31 Augusti, 2017

Stockholm Fashion Week SS18

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Stockholm Fashion Week SS18 – Fashion shows…

Stockholms Auktionsverk Fashion Vintage

For the secord time in history an exclusive vintage collection was shown during an official Fashion Week. Stockholms Auktionsverk, world’s oldest auction house, chose to present the collection. With highlights from upcoming auction contemporary looks from Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Céline, Balenciaga, Valentino amongst others


ATP Atelje


They first met in the late 80’s at legendary Swedish fashion brand and retail stores Gul & Blå. Each recognizing in the other a passion for style rather than fashion. They went their separate ways, spending the next two decades learning the business and honing their talents before finally bumping into each other at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place.