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Zeitinstrumente Seiner Königlichen Hoheit

Wer sich in einem stark von Traditionen geprägten Umfeld bewegt, stellt fest, dass die Suche nach dem optimalen Design häufig in der Vergangenheit ihren Anfang nimmt. Denn die „gute alte“ Liebe auch zum kleinsten Detail ist etwas, das in der heutigen Zeit leider allzu oft vernachlässigt wird.

Umso mehr freue ich mich, Ihnen heute ein einzigartiges Kultur- und Zeiterlebnis präsentieren zu dürfen, das Liebhaber und Enthusiasten höchstwertiger Uhren begeistern wird. Jeder meiner Zeitmesser ist durch die auserlesenen Materialien, persönliche Gravuren und Veredelungen ein Luxus-Einzelstück.

Zu Beginn unserer kleinen Wanderung durch die „Gezeiten“ möchte ich Sie einladen, zu einem Streifzug durch das schöne Bayern und seine reiche Historie, die stets nur einem Prinzip gefolgt ist: dem der Eigenständigkeit.

In diesem Sinne wünsche ich Ihnen viel Freude bei der Lektüre.




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Nicholas de Roumanie, the grandson of King Michael of Romania, will get married next summer (2018) with Alina-Maria Binder.

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Spanning over increasing amounts of activities the duo consisting of Princess Lilly zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Prince Donatus of Schaumburg-Lippe started a unique challenge to raise both awareness and funding for the charity organisations Interhelp and Save the Children. The challenge started  in July 2017, as the duo attempted to complete the Mongol Rally, a motorised race from London to Ulaan-Ude north of Mongolia. Its noteworthy that In May 2016  both mother and son  ran an ultramarathon of 160km across the Bulgarian Rhodopes over the course of five days. The project combined both the strength required to complete the challenge and the already present successful projects established to prove that the impossible can be achieved.

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The Royal and Merciful Society of Bearers of Medals and Awards of
Belgium (Koninklijke en Menslievende Vereniging van Dragers van
Eretekens en Medailles van Belgie) granted Princess Karina Bagration –
Moukhransky with the Honorary Cross for Humanitarian Merits. Her
Highness is the President and Co- Founder of Princess Carina
Organization (A Swiss based NGO, Under High Patronage of Geneva
Canton, UN Global compact Group Partner The
Society was founded in 1865 and it decorates annually for courage,
self-sacrifice or long-term philanthropic activities. The nominees
must have excellent reputation and to be selected by International
Delegates. The Award is recognized by the Belgian State. At top of The
Royal and Merciful Society of Bearers of Medals and Awards of Belgium
is its Royal Patron, The King of the Belgians. The Decoration was
followed by a Gala with took place at luxurious Grand HoteI Hessischer
Hof  under patronage of H.R.H. Donatus, Prince of Hesse The guests had an opportunity to
enjoy special menu and taste the wines, selected for the occasion. The
guests also received  personal greetings from H.R.H. the Prince Louis
of Luxembourg.

Princess Carina Organization was delighted to donate some items on
behalf of its Project, Carina Art Trust, to the Charitable Auction
powered by Organizers in tribute of Syrian and African children. It is
expected that the founds will be donated to support a Ghana school and
a Syrian hospital for war victims. The volunteers are particularly
grateful to Mr.Thomas Kern ( Munich, Germany for  his valuable help as
professional auctioneer and to Mr. Rory O Neill, Chairman, Europagrid(
Ireland and Monaco).The Gregory III Laham Patriarch of Antioch and All
the East, of Alexandria and Jerusalem, personally attended the event
and sensitized people to support Syrian children in need. His
Beatitude is the spiritual leader of the Melkite Greek Catholic
Church, elected on November 29, 2000, succeeding Patriarch Maximos V
Hakim. He retired on May 6, 2017.

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The official visit of H.R.H. Princess Ana Bagration- Gruzinsky to Spain

The official visit of H.R.H. Princess Ana Bagration- Gruzinsky took place to Spain from 5 th till 7 th of July. In the framework of her visit Her Royal Highness met Spanish nobility, business and political elite. She also participated in Crans Montana Forum’s 28th Annual Session which took place in Barcelona in one of the key Mediterranean’s centers. She took active part in conference on the Silk Road Cooperation was organized on July 6, promoting prosperity and economic integration especially with Mediterranean, Middle East and African countries. This Program was a unique opportunity to foster Global Cooperation, develop Business Opportunities and strengthen International networks. Heads of State and Government, Ministers of Economy, Finance, Trade, Transport and Industry were invited to discuss the following topics:

  • Opening the way from Western Europe to China is also an opportunity for the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa.
  • As a key to major new markets, the Silk Road represents an unique opportunity for improving international cooperation and boosting economic Development
  • Common goals and achievements will improve peaceful relations and strenghten a confident shared Development
  • Outstanding transport networks and policies are the key to such a successful cooperation
  • The Eurasian corridors and the Maritime Silk Road lead to the Mediterranean, also gateway to the Atlantic World Intertwining diplomacy with economic stimulation and international cooperation
  • The new strategies for the Arab economies and the African countries where the most important potential of natural resources is The Development of the Silk Road Cooperation from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean is also a matter of transport facilities.

Princess Ana also had an opportunity to discover more about the New Leaders for Tomorrow Special Program which took place this year in Barcelona. It is a unique community of young leaders from Africa, the Arab World, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South-America and Far East selected thanks to their exceptional professional achievement, leadership experience and ability to promote peaceful dialogue worldwide. Together, they form a powerful Community to shape the global agenda and address the 21st Century major challenges.

Its noteworthy that last year, H.R.H.Prince  Nugzar Bagration- Gruzinsky nominated Princess Karina Bagration- Moukhransky, the president and founder of  Princess Carina Organization   ( Charity, Switzerland based) for the New Leaders for Tomorrow Award which she received from the hands of H.E. Mr. Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium. During the annual Gala dinner in presence of Spanish ministers and other government officials, Her Royal Highness Princess Anna decorated H.E.  Jean-Paul Carteron (Honorary Chairman & Founder of Crans Montana International Forum) with the degree of Grand Officer of the Royal Order of The Crown of The Georgian Kingdom.

The Forum was covered by Euronews:

More photo reports could be found at:

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Oplenac – St George’s church

St George’s Church (SerbianЦрква Св. Ђорђа) also known as Oplenac (Опленац), is the mausoleum of the Serbian and Yugoslavroyal house of Karađorđević located on top of the Oplenac Hill in the town of Topola, Serbia. The church of Oplenac was founded by King Peter I of Yugoslavia. Many members of the royal house are buried in the church, in the crypt beneath the church, or in the church yard.

Apart from the two tombs inside the church (Karađorđe’s in the southern apse; and Peter I in the northern apse), there are 26 other members of the dynasty whose eternal place of rest is in this mausoleum. Six generations of the Karađorđević family have been buried in this church:

  1. The first generation: Marica Živković, Karađorđe’s mother.
  2. The second generation: Karađorđe (in the church) and his wife Jelena Jovanović (1764–1842).
  3. The third generation: Karađorđe’s son Alexander and his wife Persida Nenadović (1813–1873).
  4. The fourth generation: Alexander and Persida’s nine children. As follows: Kleopatra (1835-1855), Aleksije (1836-1840), Svetozar (1841-1847), Jelena (1846–1867), Andreja (1848–1864), Jelisaveta (1851–1852), Dorde (1856–1888), Arsen, and Peter I (in the church) and his wife Ljubica also known as Zorka (she is buried in the crypt). Out of the ten children of Prince Alexander and Princess Persida, only their oldest daughter, Poleksija (1833–1914), was not buried here.
  5. The fifth generation, Peter I and Zorka’s children: Milena (1886–1887), George and his wife Radmila Radonjić (1907–1993), Alexander I and his wife Maria and Andrija (1890–1890, lived only for 23 days). And also Prince Arsen’s son Paul and his wife Olga.
  6. The sixth generation: King Alexander I and Queen Maria’s children: Peter II and his wife AlexandraTomislav, and Andrew. And also Prince Paul‘s sons Nikola and Alexander.
  7. Out of the 28 tombs of the Karađorđević dynasty, six of them belong to rulers: Supreme Leader KarađorđePrince AlexanderKing Peter IKing Aleksandar IPrince Paul, and King Peter II. It is an important place of Serbian history. On 6 October 2012, Prince Paul, his wife Olga and his son Nikola were all buried here after their remains were exhumed from the cemetery in Lausanne, and returned to Serbia.
  8. On 26 May 2013, Queen Maria, her sons King Peter II and Prince Andrew, and Peter II’s wife Alexandra, were all buried here after their remains were exhumed from Frogmore in Britain, the Saint Sava Monastery in Libertyville, Illinois, the cemetery of New Gračanica, also in Illinois, and Tatoi Palace in Greece respectively, and returned to Serbia
  9. The Serbian Royal family & The Oplenac Mausoleum

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The Royal Palace in Belgrade – Serbia

Visit the The Royal Palace that was built between 1924 and 1929 with the private funds of His Majesty King Alexander I(the grandfather of HRH Crown Prince Alexander). The Royal Palace was the home of King Alexander I and King Peter II (the father of Crown Prince Alexander). Today The Royal Palace is the home of Crown Prince Alexander and his family.

The Royal couple...

The architects were Zivojin Nikolic and Nikolay Krassnoff of the Royal Academy. The palace is built in the Serbian-Byzantine style. Attached to The Royal Palace there is a Royal Chapel dedicated to Saint Apostle Andrew The First-Called, the Patron Saint of The Royal Family. The chapel was built reflecting the monastery Church of Saint Andrew on the River Treska in Macedonia where the Holy Place of the medieval Serbian King Vukashin is located.

The Royal Palace is surrounded with pergolas, park terraces, swimming pools, pavilions and platforms. There are magnificent views from the palace towards the ridge of Dedinje Hill, Koshutnjak Forest, Topchider and Avala Mountain.

The ground floor reception rooms are very beautifully appointed. The Formal Entrance Hall is paved with stone and decorated with copies of medieval frescoes from the Monasteries of Dechani and Sopochani. The Blue Drawing Room is decorated in the Baroque style; the Golden Drawing Room (Palma Vecchio) and Dining Room are in the Renaissance style with impressive wood carved ceilings and bronze chandeliers. These rooms are ornately decorated with paintings of old masters and Renaissance painted Florentine Cassoni from the Royal collections. The Greater and Lesser Libraries are decorated in the same manner.

The Serbian Royal family

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”Ball of the 100 and no more than 100”

The event was sotto high patronato di S.A.R. L’Infante Dom Duarte, Duca di Braganza (seat per IL lutto following the death of the friar S.A.R. L’Infante Dom Henrique, Duca di Coimbra), S.A.I. & R. L’Arciduchessa Monika d’Asburgo, S.A.I. & R. L’Arciduchessa Walburga d’Asburgo, S.A.I. & R. L’Arciduchessa Margarete d’Asburgo, S.A.I. & R. L’Arciduchessa Johanna d’Asburgo and S.A.R. The Principessa Ereditaria Elia Zogu degli Albanesi.

”Ball of the 100 and no more than 100,” which was held Saturday, April 8, 2017, in the Palace of Treville Gozzani salons, home of the Philharmonic, via Mameli 29, Casale Monferrato. Traditional annual dance of the nobility held in Casale Monferrato. Organized by the noble Pierfelice Degli Uberti with the aristocratic Committee of “Circolo di Cento non piu di Cento).

The Ball of the 100 and no more than 100 comes from a tradition of Piedmont renaissance that saw the ancient participation in the middle of the dance of the old Capital of  Duchy of Monferrato of up to 199 people, at that time choices within as little as 100 of Nobility and not more than 99 of the Bourgeoisie, this tradition was taken up to the present day the ‘International Commission for Orders of Chivalry, from Historic Families of Italy, by the Circle and the hundred no more than hundred and the National Institute for Honor Guard to Pantheon.

The Noble Pier Felice degli  Uberti, Knight Grand Cross of Justice Constantinian (Spain), Chairman of two important and prestigious international scientific historical institutions CIGH (Confédération Internationale de Généalogie et d’Héraldique) and ICOC (International Commission for Orders of Chivalry), president of IAGI (Italian Genealogical Institute of Heraldry) and promoter of the Historical association Families of Italy, known and respected researcher, scholar, journalist, writer and editor.

(The International Commission and Association on Nobility´s Royal Patrons : HRH Crown Prince Leka II of the Albanians and H.R.H. Crown Princess Ana, daughter of Royal Patron H.R.H. Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski, the rightful heir to the throne of Georgia, attended the “Ballo dei 100 e non piu 100” in the beautiful city of Casale Monferrato, in Northern Italy. Princess Ana decided to wear the Grand Sash and Star of the Royal Order of the Crown of the Georgia Kingdom).

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Prince Georgy Bagration- Gruzinsky attends his first day at school.

Dressed in a small  dark blue jacket, Prince Georgy of Georgia began his first day at school. His mother, Princess Ana of Georgia  released the first pictures of little prince to show a good view of royal children, including Princess Miriam taking care of her small brother. Simultaneously, the Royal House of Georgia announced plans for Prince Georgy to attend the private School close to Tbilisi (Georgia) for next several years, and hopes that his privacy and the privacy of other parents and children  at school will be respected. To commemorate this special day for the family, long-term pedagogical and humanitarian activities of Princess Ana of Georgia, the Swiss based Pestalozzi Institute, which implements various educational programs around the globe, invited Her Highness to become their Royal Patron.

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Introducing the Royal Georgian`s Dynasty Book

We are delighted to inform you that recently a new scientific book ”The Royal Dynasty of Georgia and its offshoot branches” was published in two Volumes which presentation of this important historian hardcover was held recently on 2nd December, 2016.

The Royal House of Georgia and the Society of ”House of Bagrationis” – Raindi (Knight) Joseph Bichikashvili have done a magnificent exertion for the disclosure of genuine and true Georgia`s Royal House offsprings.  Interested parties received gratefully the beautiful illustrated historian facts about legitimacy and status about every member of this ancient Dynasty that depicts standings of each representative holding royal status to the present HRH Crown Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski who is the rightful lineal successor of the last kings of united Georgia, the rightful successor of the last kings of the kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti, and the senior descendant by primogeniture in the male line of Giorgi XII.  The next in the Line of Succession to the Throne is his daughter, HRH Princes Anna.

Leading Georgian`s  scientists were present at the presentation such as the Bishops of the Georgian Orthodox church, members of the Bagrationi Dynasty and Georgian citizens. Each speaker noted the importance of the work by thanking the author for distinguishable truthfulness of ancient and modern history of the Bagrationi Royal Family.




Speech of the Head of the Royal House of Georgia.


Speech of the Representative of Imereti Branch, Prince Giorgi Bagrationi.


HRH Princess Anna and HRH Princess Mariam at the ceremony.

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Following the invitation of Mr.  Pierre-Emmanuel Quirin , the CEO of Crans Montana International Forum  on behalf of  Mr. Jean-Paul Carteron (Honorary Chairman & Founder of Crans Montana International Forum) and HSH Prince von und zu Liechtenstein (the Honorary Chairman), Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky attended and actively participated in 18th Homeland & Global Security Forum held in Brussels (Belgium) on October 19 to 21, 2016. For many years now, the Homeland & Global Security Forum has been a privileged and unique platform gathering high level Government Officials, International Organizations, Parliaments, Specialized Administrations, Intelligence Agencies and Businesses from around the World.

The Forum started on October 19 with a Special day hosted by the European Parliament and placed under the aegis of the African Women’s Forum whose Honorary Committee is chaired by Mrs. Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO.

In addition, Her Highness, the President and Founder of Princess Carina Organization, received the New Leaders of Tomorrow Award from the hands of H.E. Mr. Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium. The New Leaders for Tomorrow is a unique community of young leaders from Africa, the Arab World, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South-America and Far East selected thanks to their exceptional professional achievement, leadership experience and ability to promote peaceful dialogue worldwide. Together, they form a powerful Community to shape the global agenda and address the 21st Century major challenges.

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In 13th September 2016 the Royal family of Georgia visited the Patriarch of Holy city Jerusalem His Beatitude Theophilos III. The visit held in warm and friendly atmosphere. HRH Crown Prince noted an important role of His Beatitude in Christianity as whole and bestowed upon him the highest Dynastic Order of St. King David the Psalmist what was received with much gratitude by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. In his part His Beatitude gifted the royal family with holy icons, souvenirs and blessed the royal family. Respectfully, The Chancellery of the Royal House of Georgia, 2016.

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H.R.H. Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzisky and H.R.H. Princess Anna Bagration-Gruzinsky attended a delightful dinner held in His Majesty’s Kigeli V Ndahindurwa honor at the Cavalry and Guard Club.

H.R.H. The Most. Hon. Marquess of Redding served as H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent’s representative at the dinner. Some formerly-reigning royals families of Yugoslavia/Serbia attended in person.

The Royal Family of Montenegro was represented in person earlier in the day. H.I.H. Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassee (Ethiopia), H.M. Philppe – King of the Belgians, H.R.H. the Duke of Braganza (Portugal) and Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky, the President of ”Princess Carina Organization”sent either representatives , personal greetings and /or gifts.

Kigeli V Ndahindurwa  (born June 29, 1936) was the last ruling King (Mwami) of Rwanda from 25 July 1959 until 28 January 1961. He has traveled internationally to speak on behalf of the Rwandan people and repeatedly called for peace and harmony between the different groups. King Kigeli V has continued to remember the victims of the Rwandan Genocide and makes every attempt to reconcile between all political, ethnic, and religious parties in Rwanda to use the democratic process to solve any disputes. Kigeli was a friend of former South African president Nelson Mandela and invested a lot into intertribal peace building in Africa.

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On 9 June 2016, the ACRN Association under the patronage of Bishop Nestor, Bishop of Korsun with HRH Prince Dimitri of Russia as Honorary President of the ACRN, Mr Pierre de Fermor, President of the ACRN, HE Mr. Alexander Orlov – Russian Ambassador to France and Monaco – Mr. Sergey Sobyanin – Mayor of Moscow, Mr. Christian Estrosi – President of the Metropolis Nice (Côte d’Azur) , President of the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur participated and welcomed the guests to the Gala evening held to celebrate the opening of the Russian Cathedral St. Nicolas at the hotel ”Le Negresco” in Nice. The distinguished guests at the Charitable Gala Dinner, taking place at the Royal Hall, enjoyed the live performance of Natalia Ermilova, singer and violinist David Bubani, opera singer and violinist accompanied by pianist Genc Tukiçi,  other Russian artists. Charitable auction successfully raised founds for the further support of the Cathedral and development of culture.


Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro and Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky
His Reverence Nestor with the marchioness Roberta Gilardi and her husband Dr. Sestito
Mr Pierre de Fermor, President of the ACRN and the guest


Thank you to the photographers: Alina Angelina MAGNE and JF Desjacques

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